The MASTER of Blues Slide Guitar – Derek Trucks

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  • Published On: 2021-06-22 02:01:04
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A compilation of some of the best blues slide guitar solos ever from none other than the slide guitar master himself, Derek Trucks. Trucks revolutionized blues slide guitar with his impeccable technique and his soulful style. I’ve never heard anyone make the guitar sing quite as much as Derek Trucks does. Enjoy!

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  1. Which are your favorite songs.. those that make you remember some special moment or event in your life?

    Cuáles son tus canciones favoritas.. esas que te hacen recordar algun momento o evento especial en tu vida?

  2. Слушал музыку, и взглянув на видео обнаружил, что это гитара поет будто человек… превосходное чувство инструмента, блестящий талант, отличный блюзмен

  3. Wow! I'm an old poop who loved the Allman Brothers and figured Derek was just riding their coat tails. How ingnorant and wrong I was!! I'm happy to admit it. This man is an amazing talent, a salute to what came before and yet making his own way. Beautiful stuff. Thank you!

  4. He gets to be that insanely amazing as a player then gets to go home with his talented immensely gorgeous outstanding singer wife.

    Life just isn't fair to us mortals. 😪

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