Top 15 EASIEST Guitar Solos OF ALL TIME

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  • Published On: 2019-09-12 21:30:07
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  1. Why isn't through the fire and flames on here? It is by far the easiest guitar solo ever! Eruption is also missing from the list. i give this list -3/10, it's very misleading.

  2. Here’s some more easy solos:

    Journey – Only Solutions
    Queensrÿche – Silent Lucidity
    ELO – Mr. Blue Sky
    Dream Theater – These Walls
    Ozzy Osbourne – Mama I’m Coming Home
    Judas Priest – Living After Midnight
    Wolfmother – Joker and the Thief

  3. To me it's more about the "feel" and "emotion" when listening to a solo, does it fit what the song makes me feel? "Home sweet home" for example I can't play it, lol but doesn't appear to be difficult and fits well with the song, so I agree easy doesn't mean bad.
    I'm honestly surprised "landing in London" wasn't on here.

  4. The lists in the video was my dream solos..which I wanted to play.. and I started playing after listening to it ..and now ..since 8 years.. I've been playing guitar..!!😇

  5. he is just showing off . none of them are even close to being easy . I can play them , but my kid who is a beginner cannot . Oh well , next video , hopefully by someone that knows the definition of EASY .

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