Top 40 Guitar Covers Of Popular Songs 2021 – Best Instrumental Relax Music for Work, Study

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Music can be magic and powerful, managing to touch our emotions. Music can connect with others such as our culture and our language. We realize something we can share and talk about.
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  1. Thank you so much for this compilation!)))
    This is great music for work, it helps me a lot when I do designs, I'm marketing my project.
    You have done a great and important job for us, for the listeners! Thanks again so much for that!

  2. That constant pounding is extremely annoying. This is neither relaxing or easy listening or helpful sleep music. I now despise this album as do my neighbors in the adjoining apartments. Even on low volume where I always keep my music, tv and radios the annoying never ending guitar pounding carries through walls, floors and ceilings. it is like Chinese water torture of dripping water. No skill or talent needed. this could be recorded in any machine shop or steel foundry or a metronome.

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