Van Halen Eruption Guitar Solo

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The best ever guitar solo of Van Halen (New Haven, Connecticut)
(Many peoples asking, what’s the ‘song/part’ name at the begin’: it’s the “316”)
Wiki: “It was of their performance on August 27, 1986 at New Haven’s Veterans Memorial Coliseum”

  1. Nen Bekannter(der selber E-Gitarre spielt.Allerdings im Senorienheim zur Unterhaltung),meinte doch so Rotzfrech:"DER konnte doch nichts,und das Spielen mit Fingern nur auf der Gitarrenseite,wurde schon viel früher Erfunden)!Was für ein arrogantes Ar…loch!!!🤬

  2. This is actually pretty mind blowing. Never listened to van Halen before, at least not live anyways. I wouldn't count marty mclfy on back to the future as singing live 😂

  3. Ok….Sammy has admitted he wasn't just "sipping a cold one" back there! 🙂
    1986, so this was the 5150 tour…first with Sammy….that was when great bands still played San Antonio, my 13 year old son and I had 3rd row center seats. What a friggin show. Greatest night ever….well until we saw Foo together in 2018!!! 🙂

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