What Not To Do In Orchestra

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  1. Hogging the music stand… that one intrigues me, since me and my stand partner are at that level of “no, let’s turn it your way!” and countless “can you see? should I turn more??”s

  2. Me and my stand partner swap bows for fun cause she likes my bow and I like her bow so we enjoy swapping bows but we don’t swap violins. Also who flips the page depends on who is less familiar with the piece if it’s on going.

  3. I actually get fired up watching this because of how realistic all of this is. I am guilty of practicing solo pieces during breaks, but as a hornist, we don't get many interesting parts to play during rehearsal. Breaks are when we get to play something fun.

  4. There is a violinist in my orchestra who does nearly every one of these things. It's not even a parody. Being sat in front of her is a nightmare because she never shuts up.

  5. One time my sisters friend came over and she wanted to do a duet with my sister. She played the violin for like a month and my sister has played cello for two years… Then she proceeds to take my violin without asking me and I just hear SCREECH

  6. OMG this is literally the people in the orchestra! Its really annoying. I personally enjoy music but whenever we tune in the beginning, there are always the people in the violin section who purposely play when tuning after the teacher(or do you use different terms) says to not bow. So I try to practice at home when I can concentrate

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