Yanni – Dance With A Stranger [Ming Freeman Solo]

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  • Published On: 2010-10-03 23:52:40
  • Video Published/Author: João Ribeiro
  • Video Duration: 00:01:13
  • Source: Watch on YouTube

A clip of Yanni’s music “Dance With A Stranger “, showing Ming Freeman’s solo. From the DVD Tribute.


  1. Esse é um dos solos de piano mais lindo que eu ouvi até hoje. !!!

    Melodia, performance, qualidade sonora, e a paz que esse solo trás aos ouvidos dos que ouve essa obra prima. Parabéns mito. Ming Freeman

  2. Always wondered what the pianists name was and some one on another yanni vid said what his name was . That's how I got here . Nice.

    This was jazzy and sexy .

    I mean holly hell

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