Yanni – In His Purest Form Episode 4…“Nostalgia”

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Yanni – In His Purest Form Episode 4…“Nostalgia”
Yanni’s iconic composition plus musical themes never before heard!
This is a one-time-only performance, as it is created Live!

Music from “Yanni In His Purest Form” is available now wherever you stream or download music: https://www.yanni.com/in-his-purest-form

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  1. Superior intelligence is not easy to find. There is an abyss between thinking beings, with a high IQ, and beings who think they are thinking and intelligent.

  2. Переслушивала и вот подумала: надо же без нот так чувствовать музыку. Потрясающе!

  3. ❤️❤️❤️. Thank you dear Yanni – Thank you Felitsa. Too beautiful for words past, present and unknown future the melodies of experience and loving the journey to full balance and harmony. The circle is never broken❤️❤️❤️

  4. Extraño mucho a mi papá cuando escucho a Yanni. Papá te amo aunque no me busques se que tú también recuerdas muchas vivencias juntos. Y siempre te voy a querer toda la vida.

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