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ZORO: GROOVE DRUM SOLO – Modern Drummer Festival 2005…more Videos here at DRUMMERWORLD: http://www.drummerworld.com

  1. This is great. I stole some licks for sure! I am SO over drum solos that are nothing more than a stringing together of rudiments and tricks, played as fast as possible. This solo kept me interested start to finish.

  2. When i was 14, i won a drum contest, and the price was 2 hours with this guys! He showed me how to include a triolet in a 4 time beat, and bounce shot effectively on tom.tricks that i still use to this day! And he is a great guy!

  3. I absolutely cannot get over the sound of his snare !!! It's INCREDIBLE !!! It's a stock 6×14 DW collector's just like mine.
    I got mine to sound very close to his. HAPPY !!! His whole kit sounds incredible too. Great playing. Love it !

  4. I see a lot of comments on how good the kit sounds and yes DW makes good drums they sound good because of years of practice. Young drummers work harder on touch and feel and less on triggers and laptops.

  5. Most guys are talking about chops, blah blah blah, the bottom line is Zoro is a excellent MUSICIAN! You can have all the chops in the world, but if one can't apply them to the instrument in a musical way, it just sounds like you are building a garage. LOL I am not a betting man, but I suspect that Zoro also is able to play a melodic instrument! Lesson to all the young drummers out there, if you just play drums, in most cases, unless you are Buddy Rich, you will have a sound that has no purpose to it.

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