Bill & Ted Face The Music Review: An Excellent Return For Keanu Reeves And Alex Winter

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  • Published On: 2020-08-28 09:30:07
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“Bill & Ted Face The Music” is the third adventure featuring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter’s iconic duo, and it’s a welcome return to the material. Here’s CinemaBlend Managing Director Sean O’Connell’s spoiler-free review of the film. You can see “Bill & Ted Face The Music” in theaters, or on PVOD, August 28.

00:00 – Intro
00:45 – The film has a lot of heart
03:52 – It’s every bit as weird as ‘Bogus Journey’
06:15 – A welcome return to material
08:46 – Final thoughts and star rating

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  1. I feel like the movie was good and definitely worth a watch, but they changed so much that it don't really feel like a direct link to the old movies.

  2. I really enjoyed the movie and I am so glad that they made it but there are some things I didn't like..




    1. The hologram of Rufus said 1989 instead of 1988… The first movie came out in 1989 but it took place in 1988. They should not have made that mistake.. I hope they fix it before it goes on DVD or blue ray.
    2. I was very disappointed that they didn't show any deleted scenes from the first movie that we never saw.. Like the prom scene that was filmed but people never got to see.
    3. Ted's Dad was killed in 2025. When Billie and Thea and the others were sent to Hell, Chief Logan was all ready there..
    I am glad that he finally believes Ted about everything but he went back to the present with everyone else.. So wouldn't there be 2 Chief Logan's?
    4. I did not like the voice of the robot or his pathetic insecurity..
    Another evil robot from the future sent to kill bill & Ted again?
    Why did they do that again ?

  3. Nothing but cringe. I guess I was never a huge fan of those movies to begin with but I enjoyed bogus journey when I was a kid. I thought William Sadler as Death was funny, and in the new movie, Sadler was really the only enjoyable part for me. I'm a fan of Keanu Reeves but he was just dull as could be in this. Alex Winter was ok I guess, but Reeves didn't seem to know how to play that part anymore. Watching the girls (their daughters) try to imitate Bill and Ted was very awkward to watch. and the script was just horrendous. The dialogue couldn't have been any worse. A lot of reviews are praising the film, and the hardcore fans seem to be pleased for the most part, but just like Jay and Silent Bob Reboot….in my opinion, was just a cash grab for nostalgia, with little to no substance. Judge for yourself, but I was amazed at how bad it was.

  4. Great review! I personally thought it was most excellent! It's very much in keeping with the first two movies and felt like an unforced and organic extension of them. I honestly really loved their daughters, especially Ted's daughter, Thea. I wasn't sure what to expect with them, but they were hilarious and total babes!

  5. Reeves is a diamond in the rough. I think he found his calling. He's much better at comedy than he was at action movies. Lets hope he'll continue the trend and make a name for himself. Alex Winters the professional he is really shines as he is a known comedy genius. I suspect Reeves learned a lot from Alex. Hopefully, they will make a few more of these films before they are relegated to the has bin.

  6. spoilers

    I mean his daughters kinda did rehash the first two movies. They travel back in time to get historical figures, then get killed by a robot from the future and go to hell. etc.

  7. Bought this today… It was so much better than I thought it would be… I cried so many tears of happiness! I'm going to watch the watch party at 7pm tonight too! Loved this movie so much!!!

  8. As a man who grew up with Bill and Ted I absolutely loved this movie! The ending left a bit to be desired but still didn't take anything away for me.
    I agree with you 3.5 stars out of 5

  9. as a 46 year old man who have seen the previous 2 the same month they came out, on vhs, I really laughed at Deaths acting and dialogue in this!I also really like William Sadlers accent again!

  10. Too bad Alan Rickman's already dead. He would had made an awesome cameo as Metatron. Since they returned to Hell, would had been fun if Alanis Morissette as God made an appearance.

  11. Keanu for President!

    I betcha, on some level, we all wish someone as decent was Keanu running this country.
    He may not be politically savy enough, and probably would need quite a bit of tutoring on economics and foreign policy, but I bet on some level we all wish decency was part of politics.

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