Chris Stapleton – Tennessee Whiskey (REACTION!!!)

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  • Published On: 2017-10-10 22:10:35
  • Video Published/Author: Lost In Vegas
  • Video Duration: 00:09:37
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  1. I'm no expert on Chris Stapleton but from what I've read about him is that his wife had to convince him to sing his own songs. He wasn't confident in his singing for some reason

  2. this first time I heard this I was in a strip club for the first time in 15 years…. gorgeous woman dancing naked in front of me… I'm like what the hell is this? she's like seriously….? I couldn't tell if she was more insulted I cared more about the music or I didn't know the song

  3. doubt anyone will see this comment so late in the game but I love reaction videos- I didn't realize not everyone FELT music the same way so reactions are beautiful to watch because you KNOW people feel it the same- Jack Garratt if you ever get a chance- does all his own instruments- this video is a great first one but Mara and Weathered are amazing too… Surprise Yourself. Just from one music feeler to another.

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