DESCENDANTS 2 I Vocal coach reacts!

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  1. I feel like Hannah kinda missed that Ben wasn’t asking Mal to change.
    Mal assumed that is what Ben wanted from her so she started changing herself to fit in with the court.
    That whole premise is what makes Hannah kinda dislike Ben the whole movie, cause she assumed Ben was trying to change Mal… but I never got that off of the movie. He tries to support her change when he can because he, like a dummy, just assumed if she was changing herself that was what she wanted. But I never got the “if they stopped trying to change each other they could be a cute couple” vibe. I was sitting yelling at the screen going “just TALK to each other!!!”

  2. "They all know how to sword fight I guess?" I mean they mentioned in the first one that there was no technology and no wifi… so they had to do something for fun ig

  3. I think it's very important to point out how much EVERYONE in this movie has chemistry… Except Mal and Ben
    Seriously, I don't mean to belittle the friendship, but Mal and Evie had more romantic chemistry in Space Between than Mal and Ben in all 3 movies.

  4. ….. I just realized where I recognized Dylan Playfair (he plays Gil, Gaston’s kid) from. He’s in Letterkenny!! I’ve seen his bare ass. I don’t know how I feel about that now that he’s in a Disney movie.

  5. Watching Mal and Evie's friendship is even better after you've read the book series. The first Isle of the Lost book is a prequel to the first movie, and Mal actually DESPISED Evie. So much so that Mal was going to try to Curse Evie. But then trauma bonding happened and we have the friend group we know and love. The first book was actually really good, I think you'd like it if you ever wanted to dive into the lore and the Core Four's origins.

  6. I know I’m commenting a lot but I feel like Mal and Evie are half sisters if you haven’t watched Descendents 3 Hades hates Maleficent so he could’ve married the evil queen (Evie’s mom) and both Hades and Evie have blue hair I mean????? Possibly it could true I really like making up movie theories

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