EMIWAY VS KR$NA | Music Review | WHO WON?

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EMIWAY VS KR$NA | Music Review | WHO WON?

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In this video I will talk about the whole beef between KR$NA and EMIWAY and review their diss tracks.

EMIWAY – SEEDHA TAKEOVER (Prod.Flamboy): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrJ7LbSdk3Y


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  2. 5:16 yup after 2 years, ppl can actually see why flamboy's beat is so good. krsna proved it in lil bunty.
    and after all this years, flamboy 's beat finally got recognition.
    cause emiway just brutally shitted on his beat.

  3. Jab hard delivery ,flow ,switch aur timings smj ni ati to new emiway bekar hi lgega ,blki new emiway sirf flow ke liye in shabd ka use krra .
    Aur aaa ee ye awaz h ye ad -libs h
    Sab apni jgh shi h . Shayad international rap sunoge pura music h . Aur ye bars Aur lyrics Daunte rhoge to usme kuch ni milega

  4. im just being honest❤
    when is started listening dhh, emiway connected to my taste. but after sometime everyone got me hate replies on emi's comment section. then i got rohan's huge influence on krsna's audience. i know krsna has technicality better than emiway, but i think it is not enough. i tried hard to vibe on krsna's songs and technicalities but honestly i cannot. it has just become cool to listen krsna. lets understand the core (why we listen music) to get vibe and escape from our life for a time. AND I DONT CALL MUSIC ,MUSIC IF IT DONT HAVE MUSICALITY.  i dont want to take pen and see technicatities without getting any dopamine kick. how can someone call one musician if his songs lack musicality.
    i think this is a perfectly (paid) planned game of making listners hate someone by making good relations with influencers. now is see audience calling any rapper technical because he support raftaar and krsna. honestly i dont think raftaar can give platform to every second dhh artist, he is only supporting them to make his team big (this is legit constructive criticism).
    i see one rapper with -decent lyrics ,musicality, flow ,rhymes, catchy ear pleasing songs, good voice, great camra prescence, improving journy, versitality, flow switches and perfect emotion and vibe conveying song
    and on other side i see- a rapper who is only better than emiway in technicality.
    now please audience tell me that is ,only one (being technical) such an imp trait to make musician cool or chapri.
    music is a wide subject.
    please let listners decide their artists without being influenced.
    emiway make legit great songs and everyone vibes on them ,be it (awaam ,rohan ,raftaar ,any dhh audience) but still people hate emiway (and still vibe on his songs).
    for me music should be a package on which i should feel investing my time on, and i think no other rapper does it better than emiway.

    if people like technicality so much why dont they listen to EPR he is far more lyrical than krsna. please ask yourself are you influenced ,do you see songs with a spectalce of a perticular thought before listning.
    please reply me respectfully and logically,
    I am extremely proud to be a emiway's listner. he gave me many things and lifted be up from falling state.
    Emi brother ill never stop listning you by getting influenced by someone. you are inspiration and emotion always burning flame in our hearts❤❤🙏

  5. You deleting comments of emiway supporters really sick what’s the need of doing that deleting the comments of bkp aur pehle apna music sun booty shake , body shake ye lyrics tere hai aur baat kar raha hai lyrics ki hypocrite

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