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  • Published On: 2019-09-03 20:45:00
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  1. For someone who says they dont care about the lyrics much, you don't like megadeth a lot. Lol despite some must have production style back in the day due to budget and the sounds of the time for thrash, they have some EXCELLENT composition and MUSIC, and you're a MUSIC SNOB, give megadeth a few more listens like while albums, I recommend youthanasia for a better production and deeper voice, or the system has failed album is very underrated also.

  2. Hey man, I've been really enjoying this channel so far and i think your content is great and is needed in this day and age. As a long time fan of pop music, I must say I agree with the majority of your stances on that matter and I really hate how manufactured/fake everything can get in the pop industry. I've watched the video you made about Lady Gaga…I'm a die hard Gaga fan and I would like to know what are your thoughts on A Star Is Born and whether you think if it shifted her artistry to a higher level or not. Would really appreciate it man ❤

  3. The second I heard the first guys, I thought to myself, they sound like your regular Bulgarian band and then guess what – they are. Like nothing Against them, just the majority of Bulgarian bands sound like they are stuck in the early '90s and as if they share the same female singer. Like they've heard only Signal and Milena and are doing all the similar shit. We have good bands, and this isn't necessarily bad either, but come on a bit more originality doesn't hurt.
    Still congrats on making what you love tho. And cool to know someone else from here is watching this guy.

  4. I think you were overly harsh on the first song's production because you don't like/understand the style. And frankly, I don't, either, it's not my thing, but man, guitars are not an exact science, especially for acoustic guitars, the intonation is often not possible to get spot on. It wasn't so bad that the layman could tell that it was out of tune or anything. And the vocals were awesome for what they are, there's nothing wrong with them. I completely agree with the songwriting being very basic, though.

  5. Seems like you've never heard of Led Zepplin seeing as how you just claimed you need at least two snare mics to get a decent sound. Probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard someone say about recording… There's still plenty of famous engineers today who record snare with just one SM57 as well as a variety of famous drum recording techniques that mandate only one snare mic. Besides that most modern heavy rock and metal has the snare gated and triggers a sample for most of the sound, though that's neither here nor there. If your single ends up with a snare sample in it I'm going to die laughing.

  6. So I have a question. I write a lot of music, but I can't play for shit. Do submissions have to be recorded, or does computer generated music work. Basically, I write a lot of stuff, but it's all written out on guitar pro and I have no way to actually record it, so would a guitar pro audio file work?

  7. Mike: thank you so much for this review, I am definitely going to try and better all this great tips you gave me, concerning both mix and musical things. Expect to receive my second single soon for another review. Thanks again you don't know how much this helps me. Keep being awesome!

  8. Hey Mike, I really enjoy your videos and musical perspective. Even though we differ somewhat on musical taste (power metal is my favorite metal subgenre) I also like progressive metal and rock, and like you, I'm not a fan of black metal. I agree with what you are saying, and I like that you are honest in your opinions and critiques of music. I wish there were more people out there like you in the music business.

  9. So unless it's some noise metal cliché with overbearingly distorted & detuned sludge and a demented bloke shouting ,you're not interested. This channel gets worse. Unsubscribed.

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