Feature Friday Plus #84 3 'Idiots' Movie & Music Review| First time a watching Bollywood Movie

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Join us on this week’s Feature Friday Plus

This week we do something we very rarely do and it’s reviewing a movie and looking at the musical score of the movie. But this is no regular experience… this is our first Bollywood movie ever.

Hope you enjoy our 3 Idiots movie and musical score review.

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  1. Woow!!! I never thought you reacted to this movie😯🙂…I first watched this when I was in college, that was 2011…I never had enough of it…I watched it again, and again and again 😂 It was just incredible that my favorite movie was reacted by my favorite reactors…Its so woow😃👍

  2. 3 idiots is by far the best movie made by Bollywood industry and your review to this epic masterpiece is top notch. Glad that you enjoyed the movie, it's my favourite too!

  3. Best review for a movie that is close to my heart. I've been watching your channel for a while now and I've been noticing how much attention you give to music

    Would really love for you to watch and review "barfi!"
    If you enjoy the infinite ways music can convey the characters' emotions, this is the perfect movie for it (and you cannot separate the music from this movie so you need to watch it to experience it, if that makes sense)

  4. You should watch the video "15 amazing things you don't know about india"… It will give you a good review about india but only a little bit because it's too vast…but it might be of some use…

  5. You should watch" 96 "movie that is available in youtube free and it is a most heartbreaking movie i ever watched broo plzzz watch it ..it is a south indian movie..❤️❤️

  6. If you want another movie that will be carved in your heart forever, watch “ (Dangal 2016) “
    It’s another classic from Amir Khan. Based on an incredible true story. This movie broke all the records

  7. Must watch Indian movie before you die 😂😂😂
    🎥Taare Zameen par (disclaimer it can make you cry)
    🎥Pk (cultural concept movie with new approach
    🎥3 idiots
    🎥Gangs of wasseypur part 1-2 (8.6imdb for gangsta movie)
    🎥Dangal (real legend story of 2 girls and father) (and even highest grossing film worldwide)
    🎥Andhadhun (movie of a blind man )(this movie can take ur breath, not lying)
    🎥My name is khan ( best version of srk and it's story about east and west after 9/11)
    🎥Bhaag Milkha bhaag(1 of the best motivational movie I have seen and the motivational song is …. 🔥🔥🔥)
    🎥Zindagi Naa milegi dobara(perspective of life of 3 friends changes in vacation)
    🎥Haider (hamlett adoptation with beautiful piece of art direction acting ,etc, etc)🔥
    🎥airlift (love for indianess❤️❤️) again true story
    🎥Udta Punjab(drug story of state but strong impact)

    There are many more. This above list is best of the best of all time so that you don't have to search for it anywhere else 😎😎 trust me 🙏🙏

  8. I think you deserve to watch
    Gangs of wasseypur part 1 and 2
    Trust me you gonna love this movie .
    Its totally out of ur expectations.

    Please watch this 2 parts of movie
    Its insane

  9. To get some new experience please watch " taare Zameen par", "barfi" , "pk" , "gully boy", "dangal" …. Oh!! There's an ocean… Just start with these….

  10. I would really like to see Lagaan. It's based on true events. It's more than 2 decades old I believe and is almost 4 hrs long. Amazing music, acting, story line, emotion and Indian culture in integral to the storyline.

    Story is about struggles of locals with the colonizers which in India's case was Britain. It shows a bit the drought that killed a lot of people in India while still having to pay inhumane taxes. Being treated like second class citizens in their own country. And still overcoming all the difficulties in the end.

    It also has first instance of British introducing Cricket to India. Now cricket is the most famous sport in India and the team is one of the best in the world.

    Although I am not sure if there is a dubbed version of it. I really hope so.

  11. At first I literally thought that it's too long review and I already know the movie so I leave it for another day but in end I go!! for it and thank you it's unexpectedly deep and beautiful display of thoughts. Fab job truly looking forward for more 🥰❤️

  12. Watch every movie directed by Rajkumar Hirani. Must watch after 3 idiot is "PK". And then watch movies directed by Sanjay Lila Bhansali for his majestic and mesmerizing cinematography.

  13. U guys should definitely watch "Chichore"….. 3 idiots movie is actually the most famous family movie till now. And after that if any movie which has become that type like watching with family don't care how many times we have already watched it is "chichore". U should definitely give it a watch.
    Also the main actor is no more. RIP Sushant Singh Rajput. One of the best actors and human🙏🙏🙏

  14. I usually can never watch youtube videos that are longer than 40 minutes, let alone a review video that's longer than 40 minutes; but you both are just so interesting and always have something different to talk about!! You guys have described this movie in such a way that makes me want to love the movie even more! I love your guys' attention to detail, it's so mesmerizing and new to watch. You both are doing such a great job! I hope you achieve so much more in 2022 and keep up the great work 💖💖

  15. Next movie you should watch is Devdas. It is also based on an Indian novel (just like 3 idiots is based on an indian storybook). But, Devdas is a bigger classic. A love story of truly Indian variety. And u already know the songs and choreography is superb. This one is a no brainer for being introduced to Indian love stories.

  16. I am a filipino and i watched that movie 4 times😉 that movie was the most watched movie especially in schools here in the philippines. Such an amazing and beautiful to watch. Please watch "Taare Zaamen par" it's a nice movie too.

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