FIRST TIME HEARING Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence (Official Music Video) REACTION

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  • Published On: 2022-05-23 18:05:08
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  1. If you think this is good then you should check out the live version on the Conen O'Brian show. It shows you how good Disturbed really are. David's voice sounds epic and I truly believe that the version on Conan is way better than the studio version.

  2. I love his cover of this song. He is super talented. He's classically trained and was trained as a cantor in addition to singing in heavy metal band. And he was once a health care facility administrator.

  3. In short. The song is about how we depend so much on the scriptures that spoke to us, that we didnt listen and became obsessed with war, that the ‘flash’ was the start of nuclear war. And silence was true to how it was before, as no one was speaking anymore. Everyone ded

  4. I know most people do suggestions elsewhere but having said that….my daughter before she died gave me this one gift. Mason Jennings….Adrian.

  5. David Draiman, is a Pastor's son.
    I recommend you check out some other Disturbed songs..
    The other group, I would recommend, is Home Free.. an Acapella group.

  6. For everyone who think David Draiman and Disturbed are just a hard-thrashin' band who only screams and growls, they haven't been paying attention. He used to be a cantor in his church, and his voice is exceptional. Check out "Prayer", "Stupify", "Voices", "Stricken"…. they're amazing.

  7. David Draiman…a voice to die for. A powerful yet soulful voice that can go from warm baritone to angelic tenor, from clear as a crystal to vocal fry/distortion and back on a dime. He has a timbre in his voice that I've never heard before…..just hauntingly beautiful tonal properties to it! An awesome talent. Got chills again!

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