Garmin Vívoactive 3 Music Review by a Runner

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  • Published On: 2019-08-27 04:06:41
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At $250 right now, this watch is hard to beat for most people.

Back after a while. I don’t have a camera anymore sadly so I had to use my iPhone to film this. I want to be able to continue this channel and purchase some new equipment so I can make more high-quality videos for you all. Had some trouble looking at the lens and my eye was irritated from allergies. Nonetheless, I hope that this review was helpful and that you enjoyed.

  1. so when you add new songs to your spotify playlist, on your phone, do you have to delete the whole stored playlist on your watch and then re-download the whole thing for that one song to update or what?

  2. Hey ”mal”? Quick question, have you scratched the glass of the watch? I’ve seen many YouTubers who said it’s not the best glass and one lad scratched it the first day:/

  3. Came across your video while contemplating whether or not to pick up the Garmin Vivo. Appreciate the insight and honest review! Definitely helped with my decision.

  4. I would like to buy this watch but my concern is the screen, is it resistant? Considering it is rounded, can I put a protecting glass over it? I am kinda clumsy and wouldn't want to get a watch that will be easily cracked . So, what woul you say about it's durability?

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