Geoff Castellucci "Sixteen Tons" REACTION & ANALYSIS by Vocal Coach / Opera Singer

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We’ve enjoyed his deep, rich bass-baritone voice in his Disney a cappella medleys with VoicePlay, but now we’re checking out his solo work. It’s about time! Covering Tennessee Ernie Ford’s country song “Sixteen Tons”, which is about a coal miner’s lament, and experience in life. Geoff Castellucci brings so much emotion and soul into this performance.

Join professional opera singer Elizabeth Zharoff, as she listens to Geoff Castellucci singing solo for the first time, performing “Sixteen Tons”.
Performed by Geoff Castellucci – Words and Music by Merle Travis
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Elizabeth Zharoff is an international opera singer and voice coach, with 3 degrees in voice, opera, and music production. She’s performed in 18 languages throughout major venues in Europe, America, and Asia. Currently based somewhere between Los Angeles and Tucson, Arizona, Elizabeth spends her days researching voice, singing, teaching, writing music, and recording TONS. She also plays Diablo and Dungeons & Dragons.
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  1. The line about owing his soul to the company store, it's not just that they weren't paid enough or in credits, they were paid in currency that was only accepted in the company run store, so that literally the workers couldn't leave their jobs at the mines because their "money" had no value outside of the company lands. As to that still being the way, it is not. The government made it so that companies are no longer allowed to pay employees in "fake" currency. This is one thing that did get fixed. What does still happen is that many companies are not paying their workers a living wage. That needs to be addressed.

  2. So history lesson during the coal mining boom the miners were contracted to shop at the company grocery store which carried groceries and mining tools. They jacked up the prices of the products so high that the miners took out loans from the store to pay for things they needed. Then they paid it back the next time they got their pay which left them with very little money in their pockets, hence the lyrics "I owe my soul to the company store"! This is actually a sad song if you listen to the lyrics but it is still an amazing song that has a lot of history behind it. This is the definition of predatory lending.

  3. As the coal companies in Alabama were known for. The Company owned the houses. The Miners would rent the houses for their families to live in. The Company also had it's own store, which was highly overpriced; but there was nowhere else to buy goods. So, the miners entire salary would be devoured by the cist of rent, and living suplies. Keeping him permanently in debt to the Company

  4. Hey Elizabeth I just listened to Geoff Castellucci's cover of Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers. I would like to see you do a reaction to it. He seems to get better and using his full range all the time. I hope you see this comment since this is an older reaction video.

  5. We've watched you pause the video to speak for over 5 minutes, to restart the video for 15 seconds, and speak again for 3-4 minutes, try speaking a little less, and let the video playh a little more….

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