Is TAXI Music Worth It? My in depth review on what to expect when making music for a living

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Now that I have signed my first deal through a TAXI listing, I decided it was time to share my experience for those who are thinking about joining. In this video I will share some common mistakes and misconceptions and also share some tips on how to be successful as a member.

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  1. Don't waste your time and money with this joke of a company! SCAM ALERT!!!! Completely over priced and zero follow through on forwards. For that price they should be following up and communicating with you about a forward. I was with Taxi for 12 years and had a ton of forwards and never got a single email or call or anything from anyone. Starting approaching libraries on my own and immediately started getting deals faster than I could sign them. Since then I've made great money and worked with everyone from Netfilx to Amazon and in between. I gave them Taxi thousands of dollars to do absolutely nothing. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY WITH TAXI!!!.
    Oh and the owner is a complete narcissistic asshole.

  2. Hmmm, no negative comments? This sounds like a straight-up scam. Don't be so desperate to get your music out there that you fall for these types of scams.

  3. I’m new to getting myself out there rather than uploading right after I finish a song. Been searching for a way to get my music heard. Appreciate your input in convincing me to sign up.

  4. Taxi doesn’t work for everybody… I was a member of taxi for about 6 years on and off, had quite a few forwards but no deals came my way. I’d posted on the taxi forum asking what was I doing wrong with my music, And a lot of members replied saying they couldn’t believe I hadn’t had any of my tracks signed… I decided to not renew my sub and started looking at other options I’ve since signed a deal with a UK Publishing company and have been collaborating with people all over the world….. Taxi is a great form for meeting and working with other songwriters & Musicians

  5. Thank you for the video and information about Taxi, @Chayse Freedom. I've been wondering rather if I should sign up because of my completed demos as a songwriter specializing in R&B and/or rap. I have some ideas for pop, rock, and even country too. It sounds like Taxi will save a lot of time as the middleman directing my music on where it needs to be.

  6. if you do cues for film, tv and commercials you might find some success with taxi. but if your goal is to get placements with major artists, forget it.

  7. Hi, thanks for this testimony, I am considering whether to register on TAXI and I was looking for someone like you who shares his experience on this service; however, it seems that in addition to the cost of $ 5 for each track proposed there are also $ 300 per year to obtain the services, can you confirm?

  8. Cool video! Taxi for me is like an apprenticeship.When you're learning a trade you don't get a fraction of the pay the mastercraftsman you're working with gets.Your recompense comes in acquisition of skills and experience.It takes a while to become a plumber who can cope with any emergency.In a couple of years experience builds up.All of the deals are there for the taking when our skills are up to it.

  9. I was going to do a video about Taxi and basically say the same thing, but yeah you covered it. You totally nailed all the points IMO. Especially the point about $5 for feedback. I mean, I know agents and they don't give me feedback, they just say no thanks, ha. The feedback helps us to improve our craft. If you don't understand this as a composer/producer, or that with Taxi you're writing with specific licensing objectives in mind, than Taxi isn't the right fit for you (and this is no reflection on your skills or art). Thanks for doing this, saves me the hassle of having to do the video myself! 🙂

  10. You had to mention the Road Rally, which, in my mind, is what makes paying the membership fee worth the expense.
    I went to last year's Rally, and it was quite the experience: met so many people, some of which I have become friend with, gained quite a bit of knowledge around the industry, and even met one music library owner who later on offered me a deal through a Taxi forward (and he did remember me from the Rally!)

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