M1 Max Macbook Pro | Music Production Review

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  • Published On: 2022-02-25 18:30:32
  • Video Published/Author: Tano Brock
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I recently upgraded to a 16″ M1 Max MacBook Pro…this is my reaction and review as a music producer and engineer using this machine as my main computer.

0:00 Unboxing
0:51 Intro
2:04 Specs
3:06 First test
5:30 M1 & Rosetta
7:15 Discovery
8:25 Plugin Compatibility
11:06 M1 Logic Stress Test
12:07 Rosetta Logic Stress Test
13:20 Fan Noise
14:18 User Experience
16:03 Other DAW’s
16:47 Outro

Stream “Calling Me” by Aya Safiya: https://ampl.ink/E9PvQ (song featured in stress test)

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  1. this is scary for me im a windows user laptop and want to jump to mac and use multiple drum vsts i want the low latency of a thunderbolt inface for realtime drumming, but they are hungry programs and dont know what to do, really doing my nut as im not a tech head, help lol

  2. Tano just wondering I’m not a hardcore music producer but if i wanted to make some amateur stuff would a

    16 inch base model
    32 GB RAM
    2 TB

    Be enough or do i need a beefier Mac? I want the peak battery preformance hence why Im fine not paying for the M1 Max

  3. 🌚Thanks you ( me M1 16”pro 16 gb 2tb only music 🎶How you manage to install at the same time M1 plugins and intel like Kontakt 6.7.1 ?

  4. Damn if I found this a month ago it would’ve helped so much😭I literally had the exact same problem with running plug-ins in fl. Same deal except I didn’t understand why they weren’t working. I figured out the ones that weren’t working were all vst and intel, I then found out you have to run it through Rosetta. Super glad you touched on this tho, will definitely help a lot of ppl. I also agree about everything working flawless through Rosetta

  5. Hey Tano, thx for the review. Can you please give more details on the Kontakt test. What instruments was loaded, how much ram was each one using, were any of the samples disk swapping or was it all loaded into ram? Just trying to determine how Kontakt is running 140 tracks with 64gb of ram. thx!

  6. Hey Tano.
    I'm a huge fan of your music and channel.

    I was a little surprised at your metrics since you have maxed out spec on your Macbook Pro (except the disk). I am sure it can do a lot better.
    Here's why…
    I purchased my Mac Mini M1 with 16GB RAM and 2TB SSD in Feb 2021.

    I mostly create orchestral/Epic/trailer type of music and 98% of my plugins are Kontakt (free and full version) plugins.

    I usually create each track with an instance of Kontakt with ONLY one instrument loaded inside the Kontakt. I hate all that Kontakt with multi-timbral tracks as it really slows down my workflow.

    I have projects with 145 tracks where at least 100 of them use Kontakt and I have not had any issues in Rosetta mode. I did try to run Logic Pro X in native and I had the dreaded "audio overload" message pop up many times. But in Rosetta mode, I have not had that.

    Further more, I usually freeze most of my tracks that I know I probably wont edit again, then I can have over 200 tracks!!

    And yes I have NEVER heard the fan turn on… ever!!

  7. This is more difficult than it seems originally. If the M1 mini falls short for your workload there's a little chance that the M1 Pro / Max will too , mainly because the CPU core difference is minimal ( 8 CPU core on the mini, vs 10 on the Pro and the Max). The real benefit of M1 Pro and M1 Max over the original M1 is the Ram memory that is put at your disposal. But again, 2000 bucks for memory and a couple of CPU cores.. doesnt add to me. It gets even worse with the base Mac Studio. It is the same M1 Max, with 10 cores only. This puzzles me. I'd love to see a video of someone testing the same project in a m1 vs a m1 pro vs m1 max vs m1 ultra. Seems everyone if focused on video.. unfortunately.

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