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Let’s talk about Music!

Anges Obel
Citizen of Glass, (Familiar, Stretch your Eyes, Red Virgin Soil,) Chord Left, Aventine, The Curse

Nils Frahm
All Melody, Spaces, Hammers, Says

Whisper, seedless, wrong tree

Christine and the Queens
Tilted, No Harm is Done, Science Fiction, Safe and Holy

Danish String Quartet
Last Leaf

LCD Soundsystem
Daft Punk is Playing at my house, North American Scum, Watch the Tapes, Dance Yrself Clean, I Can Change, Movement, Yr City’s a Sucker, New York I love you but you’re bringing me down, Oh Baby

The Perfect Me, 81, Life is Suffering,

Ensamble Del Niente
Balter / Saunier

Fever Ray
Wanna Sip, Mustn’t Hurry, This Country, If I Had a Heart

Thursday Girl, Nobody,

Jethro Tull
Bouree, Thick as a Brick

Peer Gynt ii.Ases Dod

Tom Waits
Hoist that Rag, Diamonds and Gold, Make it Rain, Little Drop of Poison, Rain Dogs, Anywhere I lay my head, How’s it Gonna End, Gun Street Girl, Hang on St. Christopher, 16 shells from a 30-ought-six, Bad As Me, Blow Wind Blow, Clap Hands, Dirt in the Ground, Earth Died Screaming, Tango Til They’re Sore, Jockey full of bourbon,

Fiona Apple
The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do, Criminal, Extraordinary Machine

Back Pocket, Outro

Mark Mothersbaugh
Life Aquatic Soundtrack esp Ping Island/Lightning Strike

Son Lux
You Don’t Know Me, Easy, Change is Everything, This Time, Your Day Will Come, Dangerous, Part of This, Stolen, Tiny Desk Concert

Father John Misty
Mr. Tillman

Black Mountain
In The Future, Black Mountain (self titled)

Nicolas Jaar
Mi Mujer, The Governor, Etre, Space is Only Noise if you can See

Anna Meredith
Nautilus, Tiny Desk Concert

James Blake

Childish Gambino
Sober, This is America

Alabama Shakes
Sound and Color

Geo Wyeth
At the End We Listen, All the Diamonds

Joanna Newsom
Soft as Chalk, Divers, Sapokanikan, Leaving the City, You Will Not Take My Heart Alive, Have one on Me,

The Kills
No Wow

Allen Toussaint
Bright Mississippi (Egyptian Fantasy)

The Velvet Underground
Venus in Furs, All Tomorrow’s Parties, Candy Says, Pale Blue Eyes, Jesus, I’m Set Free, Heroin

Andrew Bird
Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left, Skin is, my, L

Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire
Oh! The Grandeur!

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Murder Ballads (Stagger Lee, Curse of Millhaven, Where the Wild Roses Grow, Crow Jane), Dig Lazarus Dig!!!, Hiding All Away, Lyre of Orpheus, Up Jumped The Devil, Red Right Hand,

Jessica Curry
Dear Esther, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

When you Tell the Lions, Real live flesh, Hatari

Cliff Martinez
Eddie’s Dead (Theme from Kafka)

Carter Burwell
Fargo, North Dakota

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  1. Thanks for this Ian. Been wanting to know more about your music tastes for a while now.

    I think I'll check it all out slowly but surely, that description will really come in handy 🙂

  2. Hey Ian! Thank you for providing the list of songs in the descriptions.
    If you ever continue your music extravaganza series, would you be willing to link a private YouTube playlist where we can easily go through your recommendations?
    Appreciate you and everything you do! L&R!

  3. serpentwithfeet is awesome. Have you listened to any Shamir? Sometimes they remind me of your vocal style, but at a higher register (if that's the right word).

  4. Check out Oneohtrix point never’s new album Age Of, it’s amazing. And James Blake produced it, which is weird, but I think it’s just because he sings w some James Blake vocoder presets.

  5. That's some big list, don’t know half of those, time to check Itunes
    here's another list

    The usual suspects —
    Amon Tobin – Foley Room
    Autechre – Move Of Ten – Oversteps
    Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92 – Field Day LP

    Some techno joy for your life —
    Vitalic – Ok Cowboy
    Kuedo – Severant
    Forest Swords – Compassion

    Experimental stuff, very dark, very very dark —
    György Ligeti – Ligeti : Project Vol.2
    Tim Hecker – Virgins
    Mica Levi – Under the Skin
    Jóhann Jóhannsson – Sicario: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    Old blood —
    Pink Floyd – Live At Pompeii – Atom Heart Mother
    Carlos Paredes – Guitarra Portuguesa – Movimento Perpetuo
    Wim Mertens – Struggle For Pleasure – Jardin Clos
    Philip Glass – UAKTI – Aguas da Amazonia
    Jaga Jazzist – Live With Britten Sinfonia
    Moondog – Moondog & Moondog 2

  6. Not an original score, but the collected soundtrack of The Big Lebowski has some real hits on it! You prob already know of it but it does make great listening to

  7. Clint Mansell's film scores are great. He's a Darren Aronofsky regular. Then you can check out his earlier work in the band Pop Will Eat Itself. Awesome collab with Prodigy on the track "Their Law". I also must mention the versatile and highly influential Killing Joke. One of the greatest bands ever.

  8. Slice the Cake: Castle in the Sky Part II – Pieces of Ruins

    One of the songs i've been listening on repeat this year. Love it.

    Also this band i just found this year – Ne Obliviscaris – Intra Venus
    Probably one of my favorites.

  9. I wonder if you would like Rob Dougan. Very gravelly voice, richly poetic, often accompanied by orchestra. Check out Open Sore, Drinking Song, or Nothing at All if interested. Nothing at All is framed around that Chopin piece you're always using.

  10. Great video Ian!
    I've been a huge Mitski fan for a while but there were a lot of other artists on this list 'd never heard of that are amazing.
    Seen a few other people dropping music suggestions here so I'm gonna reccomend everyone go listen to the band Stars And Rabbit, specifically the songs "The House" and "Like It Here", they're awesome and have a similar enough sound to some of what Ian talked about in the video that I think some people here could really enjoy them.
    Love & Respect <3

  11. Discovering new music is extremely hard for me, and your first recommendation, Agnes Obel, already completely blew me away, it's so good. Thanks for the cool recommendations!

  12. Ian give James Blake’s self titled album another chance. From start to finish it is truly one of the best albums I’ve ever come across. His use of tension and release on his tracks are truly genius. And make sure to listen to it on good speakers with some nice low end or even just a good pair of headphones.

  13. Ping Island/Lightning Strike is Godlike – bonus rememberance of Steve saying "You forgot your dog you IDIOTS!" as the pirates escape from his gunfire. lmao

  14. Ian, my music tastes have changed so much over the years, but one constant in my life since the early 90s: Ani DiFranco. If you don't know her, I implore you try. Start from her early folksy stuff and just keep going.

    It's one of the only things that makes me happy in these dark, dark times.

  15. Ian, please check Of Montreal's Hissing Fauna album. Depressive and colorful, i think you might enjoy.

    And Flying Lotus' Cosmogramma. Great mix of LA sound with Jazz and an insanely good bass player.

    As a synth lover listen to the track Gone Feral by James Holden.

  16. Have to shout out Cornelius' albums 'Point' and 'Sensous' also. Worth checking out for incredibly clear and precise production and songwriting. Super addictive. (Right, I'll shut up!)

  17. With regards to slide guitar I'm not a big fan too but Shintaro Sakmoto's album 'Let's Dance Raw' changed my mind a fair bit, just really feel good and blends really nicely with the rest of the instrumentation. Also recent Swans albums have a lot of good slide guitar playing.

  18. Check out both new and old Scott Walker if you haven't already. Think you'd be into both his silky smooth and beautiful 1960's work as well as his more abrasive and theatrical recent work.

  19. Always interesting to me to see more music recommendations/favorites. Not a huge overlap with my favorites, but that probably has more to do with me not having checked out or done deep dives on many of these people (main overlaps for me were Jethro Tull, Tom waits, Radiohead, and velvet underground), that said I always like to say my favorite type of music is good music so I’ll check out anything that’s meaningful and interesting to someone.

    I really relate to the whole having specific songs that you feel at a deep level thing, it kinda helps with feeling like you’re not the only one who feels how you do. The big one with that for me is Time by Pink Floyd, but there’s also many others. Thought I’d throw out a list of some of those for me as well as some interesting stuff people may not know. I don’t expect anyone to really notice and go through this whole list of an overly long comment but I love giving music recommendation lists just in case someone happens to find even one thing they like. Also this list was getting too long so cut it down to 1 song per artist besides my very favorites

    Porcupine Tree: Trains, Prodigal, Dark Matter, Arriving Somewhere but not Here; also Steven Wilson’s solo stuff, especially Routine, Ancestral, and Drive Home (which inspired the game Last Day of June which I haven’t played but heard was good).

    Decemberists: Here I dreamt I was an Architect, Engine Driver, Legionaire’s Lament, On the Bus Mall, The Island, The Mariner’s Revenge Song, I love them I could just keep going lol.

    Opeth (gonna just do their quiet stuff cause not everyone likes progressive death metal, but if you would even try it they’re the best): Death Whispered a Lullabye, Benighted (this is the most beautiful sounding thing I’ve ever heard tbh), Harvest, Windowpane, Isolation Years, Closure, In My Time of Need, Coil, Burden (none of these are metal at all and listen to this even if you’re like aaahh death metal/prog metal, it’s all beautiful and you might find yourself listening to the metal and liking it just to hear more of this stuff throughout like I did)

    Fairport Convention: Tam Lin

    Fela Kuti: Gentlemam

    Joe Ely: Boxcars (the only country song I truly like that much, by a liberal country artist, and you probably wouldn’t want to hear it because it’s got slide guitar, but maybe that’s ok cause it’s electric slide guitar rocking out in a way I didn’t know was possible)

    John Cale (I’m sure you know of him cause Velvet Underground, one of my personal music gods/geniuses): Child’s Christmas in Wales, The Endless Plain of Fortune, Andalucia, Paris 1919, Fear is a Man’s Best Friend, Guts, Leaving it Up to You, Gideon’s bible

    Yuki Kajiura: just the entire soundtracks to .hack//sign and Madoka, (well and everything else she’s done) one of my two favorite anime composers

    King Crimson: Epitaph

    The Kinks: Shangri-la, Waterloo Sunset

    Mastodon: Oblivion

    Agalloch: Fire Above, Ice Below, Falling Snow, In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion, You Were But a Ghost in My Arms, …And the Great Cold Death of the Earth

    Arcade Fire: Neighborhood #2 (Tunnels)

    Boubacar Traoré: Mariama Kaba (listen to this, it’s unbelievably beautiful, always gives me the chills)

    Can: Future Days (this does not sound 45 years old, tbh I think it’s somehow so ahead of its time feeling that I’m still not sure we’ve reached its time)

    Death Grips: Hacker

    The Mekons: Sympathy for the Mekons

    My Morning Jacket: Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part II

    Neil Young: Heart of Gold

    Nujabes: World’s End Rhapsody

    Patti Smith: Kimberly

    Pink Floyd: Everything from Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and much more (tbh personally I only like 2 songs that much from the Wall though)

    Procul Harum: Whiter Shade of Pale, Homburg, Simple Sister, Conquistador; I only know these songs by them but they’re so good and no one my age or close (24) knows more than at most whiter shade of pale so I had to include all of them even if they’re not in my group of absolute favorites

    Richard Thompson: Beeswing

    Sandy Denny: Late November

    Yoko Kanno/The Seatbelts: my favorite composer, Cowboy Bebop is the best but everything else she’s done is amazing, listen to Moon from Turn A Gundam

    The Shins: Phantom Limb

    The Smiths: Half a Person

    Soft Machine: Hibou, Anemone, and Bear

    Spirit: Mechanical World (best guitar tone ever)

    Steely Dan: My Old School

    The Sword: Lament for the Aurochs

    Talking Heads: The Big Country

    Television: Marquee Moon

    Tricot: Artsick

    Van Der Graaf Generator: House With No Door (I’m legitimately confused how this isn’t an all time classic)

    Young Marble Giants: Credit in the Straight World

    I could do way more (and left out many favorites that are famous like who needs to be recommended the Beatles) but this is kinda way too much already, if anyone sees this and finds it’s actually not enough ask me for more cause I’ve got it lol!

  20. interesting that you don't like slide guitar, what about, I wonder, don't you like? I discovered while working on my senior thesis this year that I really like slide guitar; there's a brightness yet reservation to the way it's played, especially slow, that's really affecting to me.

  21. Vulfpeck are sorta hometown heroes to me. I've been trying to see them live for a long time, but every time they play at home it sells out before I can get tickets.
    I've also been listening to a lot of Goblin lately as I've had a giallo-centric October/Halloween movie watch list.

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