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Live Reaction to OCEANS by Hillsong United. Thank you for taking the tiime to watch this video. I ask that you all be respectful to one another in the comment section. Please know that I am not a member of any church or religious group. I love and respect all ideas, beliefs, traditions and practices, this is an honest and raw opinion on this song. This is the first time I am hearing this song, the intro and outro are edited but my reactions to the songs are all raw and uncut. Sit back and enjoy! If you like this channel, please share it with all of your friends.


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Bio: Leonardo Torres was raised Catholic and left the church at age 18 after being threatened to be kicked out for asking questions about the bible concerning his grandfather’s death. He identified as an Atheist for 12 years and spent that time actively arguing with street preachers, witnesses and anyone else who brought up religion. At age 30, he had a strong encounter with God that made him drop his Atheist title and he became a free follower of GOD which he calls, “The Great Spirit”. Taking God seriously and following Him wherever He leads him, Leonardo started this YouTube Channel reaction to music as a “Non-Christian” musician reviewing Christian music. Through the music and the stories he began to learn more about Christ and considers himself a Student of Christ. Whether that means “Christian” or not is yet to be determined, but this channel is like a lost and found for lost sheep, Leonardo’s goal is to create a safe space where God can find those who are yearning for Him. Leonardo wants to remind followers of Christ to love one another as they were commanded. The main theme of this channel is “Spread Love”, and that’s what we do, we take the love that God has given to us and we spread it to those who need it.



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Song Sections I Reference In This Video
01:47 Song Begins with soft string instrument
02:01 piano comes in
02:16 vocals come in
02:37 guitar comes in
02:45 drums come in
03:09 The First Initial Beat
03:49 Dragging beat for chorus
04:19 beat picks up for bridge
04:45 beat starts to die down
04:49 beginning of the build up / weird sound effect
04:59 vocal improv
05:19 Spirit Lead me
05:49 Song Build part 2 different instruments are introduced
06:19 Song Build part 3 drums on every beat BG vocals are introduced
06:49 Song Build Part 4 drum beats on the & of every beat added
07:19 Song Build Part 5 Cymbals are added and new melody on keyboard
07:49 Song Build Part 6 Vocals lift us up higher and beat drags
08:19 Song Build Part 7 Song Reaches its PEAK drums build stronger
08:52 Song descends
08:57 Outro Begins
09:56 Song Ends




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  1. I watched a few reactions over a year ago when I first started struggling with coming back to my childhood faith. Been having a tough time couldn't sleep I sat tonight …subscribed and watched video after video… .. so glad I found this channel again. God is first in my life now and music is closely behind only my family .
    Cried …laughed I agreed sometimes to disagree I pulled out my air instruments and ENJOYED 😍🤩❤

  2. Attend a concert. You'll get swept into the Spirit of God. No joke. The lyrics you like are living words for Believers. The crowd singing with her are joining worship with her. They proclaim their words to God. She's just leading. God bless you.

  3. I heard this song first in Spanish. I didn't even know what the words meant and broke down crying. Later heard it in my own language (English) and the lyrics were incredible. The music and the melody are powerful. The lyrics drive the message right into your heart and soul. Bravo for your honest & genuine assessment of this song.

  4. Thank you Leonardo 🤗I am feeling much better at work my twelve hours shift and I keep listening to the most beautiful song ever over and over, Sunday morning I belong to Churches🙏🕊️but it is life I have to paid the bills, I thank God for my job He is the way – maker and always be there for his children's 🤗☝️thanks again Leonardo love it, a lifting of my spirits so positive and overwhelmed🌿🕊️🕯️

  5. What they mean to say is that Christianity isn’t just some religion. It takes work, an actual relationship. It takes work: communication and reading of His word… it’s really quite beautiful in it of itself. 🙂

  6. Still one of the best if not the best worship song ever written. As Leonardo says, the buildups, the fact that each instrument has its part, the lyrics, it really is like a journey. I’ve heard it so many times now and still can’t listen to it without my eyes getting watery.

  7. Open up your heart to Jesus Christ brother I pray that the holy Spirit was working you even if you're standing here right now and seeing that you're not religious but just think down the line when you're sitting in that bed in the conviction in your heart is saying wrong what if Jesus Christ is real I want you to know that he is real because that holy Spirit that's inside of you I just want to pray for you that you would receive him as your lord and savior all you have to do is repent your sins and ask Jesus Christ Lord heavenly father I pray that you would come into my heart and that you would hear my prayers and believe and accept him as your lord and savior and watch him move mountains just do the history on it brother look at the biblical aspects Sodom and Gomorrah Jehovah and his angels condemn the whole village full of millions of people this actually happened scientists even say it it's a known fact we have a creator who loves us so much that he gave his only begotten son Jesus Christ that whoever believed in him shall not perish but have everlasting life my brother for the time is coming that you will call upon his name and he will not answer because the resurrection is coming he shall come like a thief in the night billions of people I know this sounds absurd but billions of people will be missing one day because of the rapture and all hell's going to break loose just do your homework and if you're going to get a Bible get a King James version Bible make sure to King James version he is so loving and so welcoming and he's he loves each and every one of his child his people we are worthy and there is a devil there is Lucifer God bless you brother I pray that you will receive Jesus Christ as your lord and savior bow down to no man but every knee shall bow down before his throne and that's Jesus Christ

  8. That feeling you are getting by listening to her and that joy you feel is the holy spirit reaching out to you for you to feel the presence of him in our lives.. imagine the feeling you get listening to the music and for much more you could feel that by living it and believing it…

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