PadMu 3 Dual Screen Sheet Music e-Ink Reader Review

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  • Published On: 2020-06-02 06:48:08
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The PadMu 3 is a dedicated sheet music reader that has Bluetooth to connect up wireless foot pedals or automatic sheet turning systems. You can download new scores or sideload in your own. There is a dual boot system, one for the PadMu OS and another for the Onyx Boox one, so you can get access to Google Play.

You can get the PadMu System here!

thank you so much !

  1. Two devices to charge every time. Two devices to turn on before the performence. Devices are not joined so how do they hold together in the cover…? Such a price and no solution for that? As a musican I would rather buy GVIDO. Cheaper, ligher and all these problems are solved. The only advantage is touch screen.

  2. Can you turn the pads sideways and get the Music to expand and use the whole screen? It looked like there was a lot of wasted space on the screens in your demo. Is it compatible with other devices like the Positive Grid SPARK Practice Amp?

  3. I'm a classical musician recently awarded at 2020 Quebec Music Competition and I would love to win a PadMu. Are you intending to offer the one you reviewed? 

    Would you be interested in a musician making you a review considering its uses for musicians?

  4. Been trying to find eink sheet music pad system for a while. Is there a manuscript function? I would guess it would be part of a notetaking app, but is there manuscript paper templates there? Can you show different note taking options on top of the sheet music. Musicians mark up paper a lot. That page turner seems difficult to use during performance and would guess they would find a foot switch they would be comfortable with. A book cover to join them together securely would be ideal. Thank you for showing.

  5. Question: is it possible to download an automatic mouse clicker in the Google play store? Then run that application on this device, putting it on the screen so it will click automatically every xx minute?

  6. In what extent is the sheet music special? Is it just a pdf or is it a PadMu special sheet music? Does it come with a sheet music store? If yes, are musics, where the composer died more than 70 years (no IP rights) free?

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