PENTATONIX I Mad World I Vocal coach reacts

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  • Published On: 2021-03-11 01:30:06
  • Video Published/Author: Hannah Bayles
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  1. I would really love to see someone cover Mad World in the Tears for Fears style. Nothing against the Gary Jules, but the original is super underappreciated, IMO.

  2. Thank you, it is refreshing to hear someone not comparing Matt to Avi. That's like comparing hot fudge to warm caramel. Avi is the hot fudge, once in a life time voice. Matt on the other hand is the warm carmel . Both so good but not the same. Matt has a quality of breatheness. I wish people would give him a chance. There is only one Avi and only one Matt.

  3. Sometimes, when people see you are mesmerized, that can be a bigger compliment. They are fantastic. And instead of breaking into the song they are singing, and you look awestruck, that tells more than comments, sometimes. Harmonies are hard to do and if you just look stunned, that says it all.

  4. I say give her one of Mitches upper range, as a vocal coach she will say "That is humanly impossible" Which we have all heard reviewers say before. AHA Singapore Star Vista, First Avi (original bass) blew the sound system with his low notes, then Mitch breaks every window in the building. For some reason I can't think of any other Mitch slaps, I can hear his notes, but I've had pain pills today, I'm not thinking. Somebody help. Of course it's not his topmoast, but I think the best song They've ever done, "The Prayer" and he makes Celine Dion sound like a Bass.

  5. I love you and your channel so much! Your so funny and beautiful and talented!!! I honestly think you should really absolutely react to Ptx sound of silence! Its like the best thing ever. 🥰🤣

  6. I have just watched your reaction to “Mad World” for the tenth or how many ever. I love this arrangement by Pentatonix. So if I’m going to listen to them, I’ll watch and listen with you. You brighten my life. You don’t care if you speak like the queen mother, you are a human and you communicate to us like human even though your knowledge of music is far superior to most of us amateurs. I will tune into your station over all other stations on the net.

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