Prince Guitar Solo! – Brutally Honest Music Review

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  • Published On: 2020-07-29 09:42:13
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How good was Prince at guitar? He was a god. Check out my Brutally HONEST Review of his guitar solo during “My Guitar Gently Weeps”.

  1. I'm not a guitarist myself so I've never been able to say whether or not Prince was technically a great guitarist but what I can say, having been a fan for years and being old enough to have seen him live in the 80's and plenty of others too, is that no one has ever come close to being as good an all round showman as he was and having anywhere near the amount of style. And that even goes as far as how he held his guitar when he played it. In my humble, non guitarist opinion, I think there's only Jimi Hendrix that I remember ever held a guitar the same way….like it wasn't just slung over their shoulders but it was kind of an extension of their hands/arms/body. Like a guitar was meant to be there.

  2. Really ?…. I left a comment on another video of this solo….. just as the commentator says “ fucking nasty” and for the next 8 bars…..THE….FINGERING…..AND…THE….AUDIO….DO…NOT….SYNC !!!! As in ( at least in this portion of the solo)…. Some may not be convinced that “ what we hear… is coming from…THAT…. “ live” performance”….aka faked or partially faked solo…. ( my opinion only) alternate camera angles might provide more guidance.

  3. If you are dealing out "brutally honest" music reviews shouldn't be butthurt if I think it's a major knowledge deficiency combined with silliness on your part that you didn't figure out or care that "that muppet guy" is Jeff Lynne. If you'd read the Wikipedia article on him, maybe you'd understand why he was there.

  4. Prince plays the guitar like he sings or plays another instrument. Like James brown everything was drums, a trumpet, flute everything gives of a beat. Ole skool triple og's called this the blue note. Melanin absorbs sound.

  5. If I can be brutally honest, the constant changing of camera angles is totally unnecessary and really fucking annoying. Just do the piece to camera. One camera. That's all you need ffs. An interesting subject ruined for me, I couldn't even watch it to the end it was so fucking distracting.

  6. I don't think people understand how talented most famous musicians are. They sing, dance, act, and play several instruments and play them well. Prince is definitely one of those people.

  7. Best part about that video was that he didn't show up to any rehersal. He just went there, and blew everyone's mind including the singers and all the musicians

  8. Well, Prince fans weren't surprised…why do you think we followed him for decades?Too bad people listened to petty critics,who focused on the 90's name change, rather than Prince's amazing talent/music. Live, he was ALWAYS untouchable.

  9. I saw him 5 times. Two of ‘em was two days in a row. 5 COMPLETELY different concerts. Always surprising. Always changing it up. He was the master. No one ever comes close to this sexy purple motherfucker! 💜💜💜

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