Rush Between the Wheels | Reaction

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  • Published On: 2022-06-01 00:36:46
  • Video Published/Author: The Adventures of TNT
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In this video, The Adventures of TNT discuss Rush Between the Wheels | Reaction



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  1. Great reaction! Between The Wheels is my favorite off of Grace Under Pressure.
    I’m a longtime Rush fan and I would highly suggest that you react to their 1987 song “Mission” off of their Hold Your Fire album as it’s a similarly complex & awesome yet very uplifting and inspirational deep track song!

  2. Great tune! The thing I find interesting when Alex does his amazing solos is the frame built by Geddy and Neil that complements but does not interfere. You can hear it on almost every Alex solo. This is one of my fav air band songs; pick an instrument.

  3. Great reaction!! Kick ass song! A lot of times when you can hear bass and keyboards distinctively at the same time either Geddy or Alex are playing the keys with their feet! That’s some of what you miss when you don’t catch a live version!! Y’all check out some more live!! We’ll be here!! Be well and God bless… from Texas!!

  4. Wow those lyrics inthe chorus resonate right now don't they.
    Yeah, on some songs with lots of keys, Geddy will play bass on foot pedals while playing keys, then switch to his bass on other parts. Subdivisions is another good example of where he does that.

  5. You are so on point. The lesser known songs are just as powerful as their more mainstream stuff. But they were never really mainstream “in the end”.

    Which is another obscure classic track off Fly By Night.

  6. SUGGESTION for a future music reaction : I know you know Led Zeppelin : I know you know Robert Plant : This suggestion is a fascinating rendition of the Led Zeppelin song RAMBLE ON that is sung by Robert Plant but the band is a band named , Band of Joy . It may be the very best version of Robert Plant singing Ramble On with a band other than Led Zeppelin. Video title on YouTube is : Robert Plant – Robert Plant : Ramble On ft. Robert Plant, Patty Griffin, Buddy Miller

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