Sia's "Music": How Offensive is it? Plot Deep Dive Breakdown (Synopsis Review)

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How Offensive is it? Let’s talk about it, shall we? I was really excited to see this knowing nothing about it after I saw the Golden Globe noms and a few days later it was sweeping my newsfeed and it had been brought to my attention that it was offensive to people with autism. As someone that’s taken some time to learn through the exposure of my roomate (his brother is on the spectrum) we both went into it with an open mind. Well, the answer is like kinda sorta definitely yes this movie is problematic.

Scene by scene analysis!

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Felt inspired to do this one rant style.
Call Music Magic towards the beginning…whatever.

Let’s discuss and keep the conversation going together! How do you feel about the movie?

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  1. 6:15 "little old neighbour man comes and finds Magic at home with the body"

    Tell me how little you care for this movie without telling me how little you care for this movie….😂

  2. When I watched this, I was near meltdown mode when I saw those music scenes. A touch on the terms used. "Special needs" is offensive to some who have disabilities because the needs of those individuals vary in support. The needs of those individuals are not "special". Also there isn't severe autism because autism is a spectrum and each individual is different. "Support needs" are favored by most. This film is too much to unpack.

  3. I mean I'm autistic myself and I'm glad I didn't watch this movie because 1st of all I didn't know that sia made this (because I never heard her Music or have watched mlp :the movie, in which in my opinion could be better than music), 2nd I haven't heard of Maddie until now because I never watched dance moms (but I do feel bad for her, even though she's not on the spectrum itself, she really don't want to do this but sia forces her to do so), 3rd is that I didn't know that movie was gonna be about autism(because I had saw the movie poster on Hulu and I was curious about what that is, until I realized that this is a offensive movie that made by a person who already made the mlp: movie and worked with the most terrifying autism group that was infamous for finding a "cure" of it; in which is ironic that they also did it on sesame street but they handled it better than this movie). So yeah

  4. The movie is very bad. I am autistic and it hurt my body to watch. We don't appreciate loudness or flashing lights. Also, she's mocking us like we are retarded. I am a above average guinnes. I also have a natural ability to draw paint and sculpt. I can't process speech. I had to learn how to translate what I can process.

  5. I work with young people with autism and challenging behaviour and that is not how you support a person in crisis, I would get sacked if I did that. Physical intervention is not often needed but when it is used we have to do it safely and have enough staff. We have to write long reports that are overseen by management and say exactly how we intervened and why, if it was not done safely we get in alot of trouble. You never put your body over someone's chest area.

  6. If Sia wanted to make a movie with Maddie, she could’ve made it on ANY other subject. If Sia wanted to make a movie with Maddie and have her sing and dance, she could’ve made it on ANY other subject. Such a shame she brought this on herself…I really liked her music.

  7. “Special needs whisperer” 😂 I thought this video was too long when I picked it but your comments turned out so funny, I wanted it longer after just a few minutes of watching 😂

  8. Whereas I don’t care for this movie, I gotta say, I love Musics headphones. Like those are a gorgeous visual choice and makes Maddies eyes pop. Other than that, I agree, there’s a lot wrong with this movie. I myself have 2 severely autistic cousins, and this movie should’ve been researched A LOT better. I do think a neurotypical person can play someone who’s on the spectrum, but they need to actually spend time with people who are – I heard that Maddie got most of her info from YT about autism, which just isn’t a good source. No hate to Maddie, but general displeasure with this film… besides the headphone, I want those

  9. Was Rainman offensive? Or My left foot? No they were very well played. The ringer was a comedy about a a guy who gets roped into fraud by his dodgy uncle,Incase you didnt know. most of the cast had varying degrees of learning difficulties etc. Now, I could be wrong but I'm fairly sure that people with learning difficulties can be autistic too, I dont think they're exempt because they already have a learning difficulty. Which, is what I interpreted from music's character, she must have got character references from somewhere.

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