ToneWoodAmp – Morf Music Review

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  • Published On: 2017-10-22 09:08:46
  • Video Published/Author: ToneWoodAmp for Acoustic Guitar
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Cool New ToneWoodAmp review by Morf Music: “The video is specifically about the ToneWoodAmp, so I’m running through some of the features with a HD condenser mic, recording the output of the acoustic, and I’ve blended in a bit of DI signal from the tonewood unit as well for a nicer sound.
Its about 10 minutes and covers the main effects and some extra settings like mix, decay, blending reverbs and high cuts. Stuff i think would be really useful for acoustic players wanting to take this live”

  1. Man you can PLAY! Nice job young fella! Thanks so much for also including your settings. IMine just arrived and I and trying sort it out and try different settings to my liking. It is NOT just a plug and play – atleast I have not found it that simple. Good video TY!

  2. The Tonewood amp people stress that the TWA will not work with a microphone pickup but you seem to pull it off. Is it only turning off the high frequency reverb? Or, are you also turning the blend of the microphones way down? Or, something else perhaps?

  3. Definitely on the holiday wish list for 2017. Just saw the YT ad today and can't stop watching these reviews. So freaking cool! Really nice playing by the way.

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