TOO CATCHY! 🎵 WILD CHERRY Play That Funky Music Reaction

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Thanks for checking out our Wild Cherry reaction. Play That Funky Music is an interesting sound with a really cool sound.

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  1. People weren't all hung up on race back then… that's a new thing with this current generation. This was not shocking at all… it was a fun song. We enjoyed our music. It wasn't a weapon.

  2. It was during the death before disco era.
    I was in the army when this came out.
    I was into Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.
    Then there was Bee gees fans. KC and the sunshine band grew out of the polyester seams and bang, John Travolta was born one Saturday night.
    I remain hard rock and disco didn't survive despite the dance craze.
    The caucasian funk groups who took arms against hard rock died out.
    Every now and the I remember the crossovers to soul train from American bandstand and the midnight express and think of the good humor of Wild Cherry. They faded away dancing and defiding any black stereo types after all we never really knew the singer was white. Proof radio was color blind.
    Im a survivor of the death before disco war . Disco died before i learned to dance.
    This is meant as humor?

  3. After all the weirdness you have seen on your musical journey DO you honestly think it would be outside the realm of possibility that a black man couldn’t have done this song? 😝

  4. In a interview he was playing music and a fan yelled with glee "play that funky music white boy" so he made a song out of it. And with many songs no one knows why but they catch and become hits.

  5. This was so much fun, nothing edgy we didnt even think of that stuff then . we just had fun and laughed at ourselves , and Come on this was the 70s , girls were wearing tube tops and jeans, hip huggers hot pants , mini skirts . We had so much fun as kids , it was just fun not a bunch of people who read something into everything, We just had fun and celebrated great music

  6. Another old person from back in the day here. The 70s had a huge amount of rock/funk/jazz crossover music. Northern California was especially bumpin with Sly and the Family Stone, War, Tower of Power, and the Doobie Brothers all having huge hits. But that's just my area so I'm a little more familiar with it. This was going on all over the country. I mean, let's face it, these guys were from Steubenville, Ohio. I mean, If people could get down like this in Steubenville, you know ish was blazin all over the place. Keep up the good work. Love these videos!

  7. The story of this band is in the lyrics my God just listen to them"once I was a boogie singer playing in a rock and roll band"kind of says it all…

  8. I don't remember this song being edgy or controversial when it came out. It was good, fun music that moved people to dance. There is nothing angry, demeaning, or judgmental about it. Funk and Rock can be great together.

  9. Not edgy back then. Just what people did.
    Look up 'The Average White Band' (scottish band) piece "Pick up the pieces", and then 'The James Brown Band's (american) response to that piece called "Pick up the Pieces One by One".

  10. no, it wasn't edgy. i mean, we didn't SEE our music then like we do now. no youtube. no personal computers. not even any MTV. i don't know how many times they were on TV, where most of us would have seen them, but i can't remember seeing them once. plus, disco was EVERYwhere, so the music didn't sound unusual. … the ohio players: now THEY were edgy.

  11. Brad – This is the 1970's. Disco around 1975. Of course it was edgy. All the white guys on stage were italians. The lead singer is as big as a house today. lol

  12. A little before y'all time. We loved it when it came out. Had good rhythm and instrumentals. It was a great song that, in my opinion, helped with the different transitions that were going on in music in the 70's and 80's.

  13. This song was from around 1976. People weren’t such candy-asses and actually joked about race and had a sense of humor. This silliness that goes on today in just nonsense. No it wasn’t edgy. It was just a fun song. Race relations back then weren’t as bad as many now portray it and from South Louisiana and definitely know what I’m talking about.

  14. Back then, people and things were different. This race thing wasn’t the big problem that the media makes it out to be. People weren’t so thin skinned. For proof look at old tv shakes like The Jefferson’s and All in the family. Today’s people are ultra-sensitive and thin-skinned and offended by everything. They’ve been woosyfied, sadly. This was a great song to dance to back in the day. No one was offended and Funk was huge. It’s past of the Disco era. As a music fanatic, I suggest looking up other Disco era bands and music, both here and from other countries. You’ll be surprised how many countries had disco bands, like in Italy. Have fun discovering new music!!

  15. Old enough to remember this song from the mid '70s it had the distinction of being the first song to place in the top 10 on both soul and rock charts. It was edgy but still a classic.

  16. I think if this had spawned a whole bunch of bands it could have been like "Elvis" and blues moment, but for James Brown. Sounds like James Brown. Its a total jam though.

  17. When they were forming the band Bobby the lead singer was in the hospital and, they were thinking of a band name, true story Bobby have a box of luden's cough drops in bed and saw the name of the flavor '"" Wild Cherry "* and said this is the name of our band. Thanks for the video.

  18. I find it funny how many people thought it was a Black singer. I never really thought about the singer when hearing it when younger. I It's fun to see peoples reactions when they dont know lol.

  19. Welcome to the 70's Brad and Lex! This is a "one hit wonder" in an era before music videos and the way you got to see performances was to go to live performances or stay up and watch the Midnight Special on Friday nites starting at midnight. And the trumpet player had his 3rd valve slide soldered in so he could twirl his trumpet like that…..

  20. There exist a handful of bands with white frontmen and white players that successfully captured the vibe of funk music. I encourage you to check out Average White Band.

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