Tool "Sober" ANALYSIS + REACTION by Opera Singer/Vocal Coach

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Tool releases some of the most complex and difficult music, and so it is VERY exciting to finally dive into analyzing them on this channel.

We’re starting with one of Tool’s earlier songs, during which we can observe a clear view of Maynard, and how he executes his raw & honest vocals.

Join professional opera singer Elizabeth Zharoff, as she dives-into Tool’s performance of “Sober” for the first time.
Written and Performed by Tool: Maynard James Keenan (Vocals), Adam Jones (Guitar), Paul D’Amour (Bass Guitar), Danny Carey (Drums)
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Elizabeth Zharoff is an international opera singer and voice coach, with 3 degrees in voice, opera, and music production. She’s performed in 18 languages throughout major venues in Europe, America, and Asia. Currently based somewhere between Los Angeles and Tucson, Arizona, Elizabeth spends her days researching voice, singing, teaching, writing music, and recording TONS. She also plays Diablo and Dungeons & Dragons.
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  1. I just discovered you recently and you're amazing! I absolutely love your explanations. Sober was the first song I heard when I was 13. I never looked back and now their music is fully integrated into my DNA: it has been passed on to my daughter. This band is truly a diamond in the rough. Enjoy!

  2. Tool is just crazy… And you gotta realise there is not one Tool, but 3. There's early Tool, middle aged Tool, and later Tool….. Early tool was angry, almost Rage against the machine 'ist. Middle age Tool was symphonic, deep and very psychadelic. Latter age Tool is, well I can't define it, just masters of music making masterful pure fucking art!

  3. In the section where you felt like it changed perspective, I always envision a demon of addiction behind the addict, working them like a puppet. Whispering it’s message into their ear and hearing the addict echo the same sentiment to those that love them.

  4. This has been my favorite video of yours, hands down. Your critiques are always so in tune. Maynard's work has always been it's own chord of passion and talent, matchless motion, and boundless emotion. Heavy influence in my own writing. Rly tho, it's the commitment to excellent musicianship by each member. I would suggest, even earlier material.. the Opiate album. When I heard that in my teens, it broke the threshold of all I knew in the rock/metal genre. My own journey reflects a growing identification with the song(s), the albums, grows increasingly with age, lyric by lyric. 🙏🎧🔇📢🎼🎶🔊

  5. During the first verse, Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan sings from the perspective of the aforementioned friend. And the symbolism he uses alludes to the idea of his addiction actually stalking him. And in that regard it is not only ever-present but also has the effect of preventing said individual from fulfilling his dreams as well as lowering his self-esteem, as in having an inner, self-accusatory relationship with him.

    In the second verse, Maynard takes on the role of the intoxicant itself, as in if the drug were to speak. And basically, what he is saying is that he himself is no good and will destroy the person whom is the subject of the first verse, i.e. the aforementioned addict.

    This brings us to the choruses, which at first allude to the idea that this individual is someone who is not enjoyable to be around. The reason being that due to his insobriety he has a tendency to monotonously babble. And the chorus concludes by introducing the idea, via a question, that sobriety may actually be the better option, even insinuating that partaking of such would be tantamount to him beginning a new life.

    But ultimately, via its outro, “Sober” ends on an alarming note if you will. The phrase “I want what I want” is repeated throughout. Within the overall context of the song this would insinuate that its addressee, the person whom Tool feels needs drug intervention, will instead shun such an idea, instead opting to fulfill his cravings.

    So this song basically deals with the toxic effects of becoming dependent on hard drugs while simultaneously acknowledging that an individual who is subject to such is faced with a challenge, albeit internally, in trying to overcome it.

  6. SMH you need a whole series just for Corey Taylor and bands he’s in and series of tool , perfect circle , deftones a lot of live videos of them

  7. I would love to hear what you think of the band NO Means No. A proto punk band from Vancouver BC. They have been around since 1978. I will suggest The River off of their why do they call me Mr happy album

  8. Your approach in your analysis is so refreshing… The honesty in your expressions shows a genuine love of artistic performance… My Respect to you 🙂

  9. You're making it too complicated.

    It was the courage of a man who discovered that sobriety was just as pointless as drug use.

    That humanity was worth more than his sobriety was his reach to reality with an anger that was both angry and innocent.

    Notice how the guitarists and instruments supported him in his drug use because his courage inspired them.

    It's like seeing beyond art and just wanting to be human.

  10. The fight, need, desires, want to do anything but use the substance. The fun and to please ending up just to make it. People know your addiction and talking about you and your shame or your your belief that they are talking and all know.
    The substance in your head you always thinking about it and the substance pulling on you but trying not to. The finding of something to help you find a new way. The farther and longer using beginning from love your feeling to the hate of everything. belief that you are and will be a stone and chain upon their life. To the point that you decide to take your rock and chain and throw it . Being so far down might as well be gone because they will keep you from what you need.

  11. Some sort of substance hmm wonder what that could be? If you ever looked at their album covers you’ll quickly realize what that substance is

    Hint: it’s acid

  12. My favorite thing about this particular show (seen this performance a few times on different channels) is how pallid and stark Maynard’s face is. Idk what it is exactly but his face here has a quality that really gives the feeling of someone who’s very sick and not himself. His high, pronounced cheekbones with small, squinty eyes set in a long, triangular face and cheeks that are a bit too sunken in. I don’t know much about him or if he was going through something at the time or if that’s just his face or if it’s a commitment to the bit but it’s really pulling me into the performance.

  13. Porn to me is proof that karma doesn't exist.

    There are people who are on there who I enjoy vibbing with sexually and people who if I fucked in real life would come with expectations potential pregnancies hopes and dreams that would come with heartbreak or worse.

    But people want the pleasure and now that porn is out there the instinct of selfish pleasure comes with separating the instinct from the consequences typically associated with that instinct. That instinct has traditionally been kept out of people's reach by associating it with bad consequences. But I have that instinct and I can choose between good or bad.

    That's the line from the tool song Sober means "I just want to start this over why can't we not be sober." It's the intuition that if you couldn't know the difference between good and evil then you'd be doomed to a lifetime of endless evil.

    That's why in the music video of Maynerd just forcing himself forward to me is him just making it to a fresh start because there just isn't another choice.

  14. Drugs flood you with false emotions (chemicals). Other people loose trust in you because they think it's the drugs talking, & it is. Empty words. "Every promise empty." "Pointing fingers" Liar!

  15. Here's a secret. There's no such thing as an essential inner identity. Everyone's human and might have different tastes. Like someone might prefer apple pie to cherry pie but no one is essentially an evil person. There are instincts that form an awareness that are designed to survive quantum challenges that confirm to Newtonian physics. Like oh you were a people pleaser who thought everyone was awesome guess what your psychology just went into sadism. It doesn't actually mean you should hurt people because you shouldn't hurt people. What that is is just an overt relaxation of psychology that allows choice into ones consciousness. What sadism proved was just that people are individuals and the smile you might have secretly gotten from hurting someone's feelings was just realizing that there isn't some karmic algorithm around and it's just that person.

    You see many people aren't actually nice because they like to be. Many are nice because they don't want to disturb the algorithm and they tend to feel empty and soulless.

    My life's work has been to preserve my natural sense of consideration and respect for the feelings of others. A lot of people tended to lack that for a long time.

    That's what this post modernism political correctness shit is I think. A lot of people suddenly realized they care about other people and felt it was worth risking the algorithms to find it again.

    That's all anyone is actually searching for I think. It's just the ability to care about people again. That natural sense of consideration and respect that only comes from being still.

    The algorithms in and of themselves were a major part of the problem. One tends to be naturally caring as a human being and the constant running around tends to discourage that.

    Caring about people is essential for enjoying life. It's the only sensual algorithm that actually has any meaning.

    The post modern stuff was just bread crumbs for people to find that again in my opinion.

    But bread crumbs isn't what you need. It's a natural thing to do to care about others and yourself. It's a form of respect and knowing ones limitations. The correct feelings tend to just fill in the void. Perhaps that's the emptiness problem y'all had been looking to resolve.

    That means narcissism is a self inflicted scam. Human nature is actually flat like an internal and still algorithm of stillness and narcissism is like a traumatic adaptation to algorithms unnatural to the human psyche.

    So some self compassion would be justified.

    This also means that my 2006 experience at Roadhouse proved that because the algorithms were running then and all it did was prove this with a bunch of pool parties to compensate for lack of movement and the failures of magical thinking means there's only one way to successfully run an algorithm.

    I started a considerate respectful person and I stayed that way. That instinct is correct at every level of existence. It's the only true protection from the strange and the dark or the light as the case may be.

    And it's the insight that was only possible because I was born in a dark cold situation.

    I actually got to this point by rejecting Christianity and human trafficking and I chose drugs instead.

    I don't use drugs anymore but I kept what I gained by using drugs because entropy allowed me to shed drug use but I kept my humanity.

    That's what drug users and alcoholics are looking for and why they kept relapsing and why I don't relapse.

    I got what I needed from drug use and I know what I want and I want what I want. But people who kept relapsing didn't know what they were doing and didn't know what they wanted.

    That disproved Jungian theory but Carl Jung's theories still dominated A.A. which is why no one ever truly recovered.

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