Vocal Coach Analyses & Reacts – PENTATONIX – Hallelujah – PEOPLE ARE AMAZING!

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Hello Singderellos,

In this video, I react for the first time to Pentatonix performing ‘Hallelujah’. In this video, I analyse their magnificent performances, explain and demonstrate their vocal techniques and I’ll tell you what I think made it so great.

Original video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRP8d7hhpoQ

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Love you forever,
The Fairy Voice Mother x

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  1. If you think Pentatonix is awesome, you should read the New Testament, of whom they are singing about. Hallelujah means Praise the Lord and this is a direct reference of Jesus Christ the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

  2. I love the way you present and share your musical knowledge. I have a suggestion to react to a collaboration between Toddrick Hall and Pentatonix as they perform the "Wizard of Ahhhhs". Creativity at its best.

  3. I've seen so many reactions to this song, by pentatonix, and yours has to be my favorite one. The emotions you felt, I've felt all over again. Amazing video, thank you

  4. Good Lord girl! where have you been all this time?!! I have heard so many reactions to so many singers and group. You beat them all. So passionate, so detailed and so appreciative. Good work mother.

  5. Please react to Hallelujah on their Christmas special !! The Prayer omg! Amazing Grace,

    Lumberjack by Jackyl he does a chainsaw solo. It is rock maybe hard a little. I stand alone by Jackyl Right by your side Enuff Z’Nuff strength Enuff Z’Nuff David michael Frank future sunsets my heart will go on so beautiful! David Michael Frank Future sunsets heart attack please I would love to see you react to all of these when you get a chance thank you!!!

  6. I love this reaction. You put into words what I felt The first time that I heard this. I love that you can laugh and cry at the same time when you hear something so beautiful. Great job!

  7. been binging through some of your reaction videos and just had to comment how much I'm enjoying all of them, not only are you so knowlegable about the technical aspects but you have so much fun with it and are so genuine … also I love all your fun shirts 😀 youve got a new follower here for sure!

  8. Your reaction to this song is my favorite reaction of all time……you were so moved that you moved all of us too…..you are a true musician/singer……your soul just has to react to good music….thank you so much……you move me every time I watch this….

  9. Pentatonix at their best is a spiritual experience. Watching people have a visceral reaction to this is all the proof we need that they are special.

  10. I am moved every time I see you being moved by the sheer beauty of this .. thanks thanks thanks for all the work you put into making these videos!
    I would love to see you react to Louise singing ‘Indigo nights’ by Tamino on The Voice France 2022 … I think you might like it for similar reasons to this one ☺️

  11. OMG… your enthusiasm is absolutely intoxicating ….. love it 😀 oooo andddd here is a jaw dropping Acapella performance guess staring the girl from Pentatonix here … Disney Love Medley (feat. Kirstin Maldonado & Jeremy Michael Lewis) you'll love it 🙂

  12. "Mother,"
    Are you familiar with "The King's Singers?" They're a 6-voice male a cappella group from King's College, Cambidge.
    Could you, please, address their recording of "You are the New Day?"
    They are 1 Bass; 2 Baritones; 1 Tenor and 2 Countertenors.
    I have a few questions, if you could address them: -What is the difference between a 'countertenor' and Mitch from PTX? Mitch can sing in the typical tenor range, also (listen to PTX's "Amazing Grace".)
    -I have a similar voice but I can omly get as high ad Mitch on a very good day. I can't reach the Counter range. Can I learn to get there? Can that kind of voice handle "Classical" tenor soli?
    This YouTube of King's Singers for reference:

  13. Watching Pentatonix reactions is one of my favourite things and this is by far the best one I've ever seen. Seeing your emotion and passion is gorgeous, you clearly experience music with your entire being and it's amazing. Then that you can be so emotional and reactionary but so technical and informative is a glorious mix. You've definitely got a new fan here

  14. As a follow up to this beautiful Hallelujah production, I challenge you to watch them sing it live. The proof is in the pudding – it’s just as good live as it is here. PTX has resolved to never record a song in studio that they can’t replicate live. That is the truest test of talent! The best live version is from a Christmas special – you’ll easily know which one by the amount of views!

  15. It was so enjoyable to watch you experience this! You are incredibly insightful and have such a beautfil voice, too. I'd love to see you react to their private perfomance of the daft punk–it's a great live demonstration of a very intricate arragement with no mics. There are many other great ones, but I also think it would be interesting to see an analysis of the pentatonix trio's early videos. (Pre-pentatonix) Mitch, Scott, and Kirstin sung together in highscool, and their old videos (like telephone and firework) are great, but so different. I'm curious to hear a professional's perspective on how their voices have developed after 15 years of singing together, and I don't think anyone has done it yet!

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