Vocal Coach Reacts: THE WEEKND After Hours Album Review/Analysis!

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  • Published On: 2020-03-20 21:25:35
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This album took me away somewhere for 50 mins, out of current existence and into pure musical healing. What do you think of After Hours by The Weeknd? For me…its art.

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  1. The weekend es único lo escuchamos en todo México tiene muchos fans y muchísima fama mucho más que otros el artista mejor de todos es the weekend

  2. This woman is so cool it should be illegal. Drop dead gorgeous and exudes a positive authentic vibe while clearly being a genuine Weeknd fan and having a deep appreciation for music. She picks up on the themes and concepts The Weeknd is going for better than other reviewers. And as the cherry on top, out of all the reaction videos I've seen for this album, she's the only one who immediately clocked Hardest To Love as having a drum 'n' bass instrumental. I'm in love. Bravo. You deserve much success.

  3. Hi just saw your reactions. I really like them. I like how detailed and deep you dive into the album. You probably get it a lot but if you could please do a review of his Kissland album. It's his first official album released and like one of the best ones I think (aside from his mixtapes or Trilogy)

  4. I just found out about this artist yesterday, looping the songs and watching youtube reacts, the only thing i sorted out is that people need the 80 reloaded… badly.

  5. You should really listen To trilogy, his first album which is Made from is first three mixtapes: House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence, Trust me it will blow your mind!


  6. It’s so cool to see the influences/similarities between different parts of the song with older hits. Just had to say this bc on my Spotify top 100 I had Scared to Live #1 and Everywhere #7 👍🏾

  7. After Hours was definitely a very production and lyrically heavy album. The Weeknd just used so many production methods that really allow his songs on this album to all shine and to have a purpose to all of them. It seems that the producers he chose really wanted to focus on making sure that the production made sense for what he's talking about and they all create an atmosphere that drives you in to just vibe to the music, but also contrasting in terms of what he's saying. For example, in Hardest to Love, Blinding Lights, Save Your Tears, and In Your Eyes, you really have very upbeat production, but the lyrics tell a completely different story. In terms of the lyrics, it's a classic style of lyrics he likes to use: super emotional, super complex, and very deep meanings to them. He's not afraid to be vulnerable in his lyrics, and that's what amazing about The Weeknd as an R&B artist. After Hours is by far my favourite album from The Weeknd.

  8. If u guys listen to
    Hardest to love and scared to live
    In order u will notice that
    Fading of the HTL continues in
    The fading in of STL

  9. Can’t believe you said it could be in blade runner that’s what I thought also his kisss land album was inspired by the movie

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