Vocal Coach Reacts to Harry Styles – Matilda (LIVE)

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  • Published On: 2022-05-26 03:00:41
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Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Harry Styles – Matilda (Live) – iTunes “One Night Only” performance of Harry’s House. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tristanparedes

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  1. this song hits a little too close to home for me 🙁 my mom and dad won’t let me go to college where i want too and threaten to take everything away from me because i don’t want to do what they want me to do for my life.

  2. i really don't mind the interruptions!!! i feel like that's what i'm watching this video for. if i wanted to watch the performance uninterrupted, i'd go directly to that. love to hear your thoughts and opinions!!! also so happy to hear you evolved from enjoyer to stan 🙂

  3. I think his ability to connect with the audience/listener and singing as though he is speaking directly to you,makes you forget he is singing in a huge venue! He has really developed as a multi-faceted singer in the past few years.Here,he makes the song sound light and effortless when it is actually very complex.

  4. I never heard any Harry song prior that made me cry and have to stop what I was doing to listen.
    Went my entire childhood avoiding Harry and 1D, but now I'm addicted.
    I was working one night, I decided to listen to his new album, since I liked his coachella set. Matilda came up and I had to stop working, take a break and listen to it. It was a message I didn't know I needed to hear in that moment. To be personal, I moved away from my entire family a year or so ago. My father didn't say goodbye to me, didn't even wave goodbye. He hid in the bathroom while my mom just told me from afar "see you later". I remember telling my siblings I didn't expect much, but I wish something did happen then. Something simple just as a hug.

    I moved in with my now Fiancée, he tells me alot how I shouldn't make excuses for them and that my family is not defined by blood. I understood that, I have personally said that for years. But, that message is harder to hear when you're thousand miles away from them. I felt like I should have stayed, I feel bad for not communicating to my parents, I was in doubt.
    Certain lyrics just hit way too close to home, alot of them. The bridge is refreshing, welcoming. A door opening. Everything said prior I connected too, I was reliving everything I connected too. But the bridge felt new, like you said, not because it was a new sound but a new start. A new life I can now live and I know now its okay to leave the door closed behind me, I can let it go. Its a new house now, I made it.

    Needless to say, Matilda is one of my favorite songs now and favorite song by Harry.

  5. Thank you for the way you simplify your commentary. I love music but don’t understand a lot. You have helped me enjoy and understand more. 😊

  6. I think one thing that makes Harry's music so unique is the same thing that makes him such a lovely human being… humility. Anyone can listen to One Direction and hear how technically gifted he is but, as a solo artist, he doesn't feel the need to prove or confirm what he's capable of.

    Not gonna lie, I do miss his full "loud" voice a tiny bit when I listen to the new album, but at the same time I truly respect and appreciate the fact that it's not prevalent. It's clear that he serves the songs, not his ego, and there's something incredibly inspiring and authentic about that.

  7. "He sounds like he means what he's saying"
    That's Harry for you. Also, I liked this song very much on the first couple listens.. but this live version made me absolutely love it. The mood is so different, but its authenticity and vulnerability reminds me of "Lights Up". Both always make me sob. They cut so deep and pull my heartstrings.

    This man, he knows what he's doing. Everyone in the audience is feeling it, too. You can tell.

  8. Love this reaction. I love how you point out elements that I am unconsciously drawn to, but you give words to what it is…if that makes any sense. Could you react to Eurovision 2021 winner Maneskin's Coraline at the2022 Sanremo Music Festival? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq_Fx2hj4HM This is an exquisitely beautiful song, but this particular performance of it….I was a mess it was so moving. Thanks for considering it! 💕💕💕💕

  9. you should do a video comparing note changes in harry’s live performances compared to the studio versions !! it’s one of my favorite things about hearing music live. there are so many compilations of “love on tour note changes” on tik tok

  10. We can all agree that Harry is everyone's peace space especially when he sings.

    You can really see the passion he put into his music.

    Beautiful lyrics, vocals and I'm not a musician but his choice of instruments and it's arrangement are on point as far as my own ears are concerned.

  11. Not to toot my own horn but I’m a 20 year old woman and I can do the exact same thing. I’ve been singing since I came out of the womb and in doing so, I’ve developed sick levels of vocal control.
    It’s kind of insane because God gave me this voice and I love it but it’s so unexpected to come out of me.

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