Vocal Coach Reacts to Jessica Darrow – Surface Pressure From "Encanto"

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  • Published On: 2022-01-24 18:30:11
  • Video Published/Author: Justin Burke
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  1. Hi I'm a new subscriber to your channel I would like you to react to the sister group 4th impact they are 4 sister's from the Philippines they are called 4th impact there harmonies are unmatched.they just signed to Sony records this year they are the sister group to sb19 there new song is (here we go). This girls are true sister's been singing together since the just children. They are known world wide (4th impact) has fans all over the world they also done many covers.

  2. Absolutely love the back and forth breakdown of this powerful song! You two are so freaking sweet looking at each other so intently as the other provides commentary 🥺 thanks for the video!

  3. At 5:40 I'm not sure if everyone caught on to this or not but when the boulders fall on Luisa its almost like as soon as she can get a break she gets that pressure put back on her or she has to live up to her expectation again.

  4. Do you know I feel like her metaphors are really are stressing me out because with things like comparing a tornado to a light breeze

    And the weight on the world on your shoulders to a ball to run with
    It really shows that there is a problem when a person expects them self to not only carry the world on their back but to be able to keep running with that much weight on their shoulders

  5. Worst reaction I've seen so far. I'm sorry, but she even said "inspiring", which is absolutely wrong for the song if you just a tiny bit listen to the lyrics. And that's just one flaw.

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