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Hello Tarabytes,

I’m excited to present to you my latest reaction!
I hope you enjoy it 🙂
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-Tara Simon

  1. I really enjoy your channel & your reviews. I have a different request for you. Could you please review Yanni's Aria, Live at the Acropolis, and specifically the 2 beautiful ladies, Darlene Koldenhoven & Lynn Davis. They are magnificent! Thank you.

  2. Please react to crazy ex-girlfriend, it's a show about mental illness and the point of view of that person.

    It's a comedy and musical, Rachel bloom is the protagonist, co-creator, writer, and songwriter of this show.

    She's amazing and the show is amazing! ❤

  3. What I am seeing and hearing from the majority of Youtube Vocal Coaches (self proclaimed) that many of them are not even good at singing themselves.. Some are mediocre and average.. I find this hard to reconcile with them wanting to give advice on how to sing a song properly…Now of course are their exceptions to this? Absolutely … but c'mon this is just ridiculous to be giving advice on something that you yourself is not an expert at. But maybe the inflated sense of self and ego make you think you are a real good singer so then your ego tells you that people will listen to your coaching… ?? People are delusional in todays day and age .. it sure shows.

  4. Tristan Paredes is the least impressive of the lot. I find him to be an average singer at best with limited range. I don't know why he has the kind of following he has.

  5. The nasally "I" at 2:32 does not do it for me. I really do not like when anyone throws voewls into that type of nasal voice. *cringe* Also the heavy "ee" at the end of "I" is not it for me either.
    Love Cheryl. That was amazing. That she can sing in that way, with that "big, beefy voice" as you called it, is crazy.
    There was something at 12:21. Oh yes. That chord switch with those harmonies was amazing!

  6. Potentially risky video but comes across in good faith and I think anyone, no matter the field or discipline, should be able to give and take critique and turn it into something constructive, improving.

  7. Well, the question at the end is, vocal coach on YT? So even if any of them is the best, being on YT comes with creating content. And that’s where the reaction should go: how good the content on quality and is it valid from a vocal coach when they reach? Do they respond to the followers request accordingly? Etc… That’s YT. And what else do they have as content? Discord, etc… Tristan makes a really good show, so he is a good YouTube creator with a full image. Pro. Hannah gets on point, she is on study road and she knows it.

  8. Tristan taught him self from basically knowing nothing .. So, I appreciate him 😊
    I wish I could be a singing coach but, I personally can't sing 😭🤣
    I always try have good advice for singers that I've worked around before❤️ (at least I try to give them the confidence especially before a gig) 🤣
    I've helped vocal produce before … I loved it 👍🏻🙂👍🏻
    Maybe, someday 😆

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