Vocal Coach Reacts to Save Your Tears (Live)

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  • Published On: 2021-06-06 09:43:08
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Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Ariana Grande and The Weeknd singing Save Your Tears LIVE at the iheart radio awards 2021

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  1. i personally think she did great she also added lines to the song- i really wish the song was longer and more lyrics too it but it is such a catchy song- but i think together came off very well-

  2. She ruins the mood of the song. Trys to hard and makes it seem shallow and too diva. It was a honest and moody love song, and she really doesn’t bring in much truth to the lyrics.

  3. whats stooopid is on reaction videos is they clearly have seen it yet over react…. suppose its the attention they want.. they get… iv never been an attention seeker so dont get why you do that?

  4. I loved this performance and Ariana just really shined, I think Abel knew she would though. The blend of their voices was really nice and I think that this Collab couldn't have happened as nice as this one in the past – dangerous woman and that half past 5 song

  5. He has written some great songs, and this was the first song I ever heard him sing live. AG is obviously almost always great…but they should do more together. I like when she sings in the warmer tones.

  6. it’s so true what you said about Ariana’s voice ! she’s said in past interviews that she’s learned how to stray away from that high pop-y voice and lean into her lower register and have more control over her vocal ability and range.

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