We Don't Talk About Bruno Vocal Coach Reaction

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  • Published On: 2022-01-17 21:00:10
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  1. I โค๏ธ this sooooo much! I will be featuring more songs from Encanto on Mondays throughout January 2022 and February on my Monday Matinee series. The comment section has been incredibly supportive and this was so fun to watch, react and discuss that I wish to move forward tor awhile to start a new play list for the movie!! Sincerely, thank you for watching and hope all are well and staying healthy!







    New channel memberships! Thank you all for the support! โค๏ธ

  2. If you have headphones, or listen with good speakers, starting on 10:02, their position decides where their voice is in your headphones. Like if they are on the left, you only hear the sound from the left. If they are on the right, you only hear it from the right. If they are behind you, it's like it's actually behind you, e.t.c. Really nice detail!

  3. not a disney hater here, but i just cant see why people really like the song, I really dont like it, its not a problem with the singers just the song itself. And honestly everyone just blurting it out randomly just ruins the song even more for me. But, thats just my opinion of course

  4. I LOOOOVE encanto soundtrack and because I have kids we watch it weekly (yesโ€ฆ weekly lol) but your breakdown of this song makes me appreciate it so much more!

  5. It doesn't take much, but I am impressed that you heart every comment, or at least as far as I scrolled down (which was quite far).

    Great song as well.

  6. amazing reaction, I love how you played the chords as you heard it, also appreciate how you accepted you don't know whats going on because you haven't watched the movie, and are not sitting there saying 'huh??! what!!! whos bruno! who the hell is bruno!' like other reactors ๐Ÿ™„like of course you have no idea YOU HAVENT SEEN THE MOVIE, lool sorry it was annoying, but yeah great! subscribed!

  7. It's not Salsa is a Ballenato , the picture made with Colombia costumes.
    Salsa = Venezuela or Puerto Rico
    Merengue= Dominican Republic
    Son = Cuba
    I am Spanish , with a daughter Who is profesional mรบsica, and is necessary call type of music by their name.
    Like European people and Celt not all is the same . You look a good teacher .

  8. I would totally recommend you watch the movie lol, all ages are enjoying this! Also the story and plot is well done and slightly different from the Disney tropes

  9. I think the other most famous "mash up" of melodies and counter melodies is in "West Side Story" in the song "Tonight" as Tony and Anita's melody is clashing against the rival gangs' preparations to rumble.

  10. As a pre k teacher I have heard this song so many times. I wonโ€™t lie, Iโ€™m sick to death of it. But musically, man, itโ€™s incredible! I tend to forget that after hearing 3-4 year-olds constantly singing it.

  11. Sort of, maybe, but not really Spoiler Alert
    You learn about this in the trailers and in the first five minutes of the movie, so…

    Dolores (whispering girl) isn't just doing that in song. Throughout the whole movie she talks really quietly. That's because she has super hearing she can't turn off and anything more would hurt too much. It's a really awesome character detail, which makes her one of my faves.

  12. 2 melodies? go back and listen, each charecter is singing their own version, all on same chord progression. point counter points!

  13. I found you because of Encanto, and have learned so much from your videos! Thank you! I think you would find MB14 interesting. He's a French looper/rapper/singer/composer. There are a lot of videos out there, but here is a demonstration he gave with an original song. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Start the video at https://youtu.be/7kcHuXLUd98?t=291 to skip the "what is beatboxing" and "what is a loop station" stuff. Even if you can't review it – I hope you enjoy it. Thanks again.

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