Yosi Horikawa – S P A C E S | Music Review Monday EP. 1.

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Hey Guys! Thanks for checking out there very first episode of Music Monday! Check the album out here – https://amzn.to/2WODnEn

1. Hifiman Arya – https://amzn.to/2WNGzQr
2. Audeze LCD-X – https://amzn.to/2WpMbRE
3. Massdrop 58X – https://massdrop.7eer.net/vmYeN
4. Koss KSC75 – https://amzn.to/2ENisar
5. (Studio Pick) – DT1990 – https://amzn.to/2WgWUZA
1. Massdrop THX 789 – https://massdrop.7eer.net/0BoxP
2. Liquid Spark – https://amzn.to/2WhyUFC
3. JDS ATOM – https://jdslabs.com/product/atom-amp/
4. (TUBE PICK) – Darkvoice – https://amzn.to/2MuexW4
5. (Power Pick) – http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/NFB1AMP/NFB1AMPEN.htm


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  1. I have the Arya and am quite impressed, the openness of sound seems to enable greater clarity. Recently have been listening to YouTube Flac files, trying to compare to Apple’s Hi Rez and Amazon’s Ultra HD, seems like the sound stage with YouTube is better, in particular I was listening to Boz Scaggs “Thanks To You”. I was wondering why the YouTube files were sounding better, and if there were other folks out there finding this to be the case.

  2. I'm recommending:
    One second by yellow (from Switzerland)
    Flag by yellow
    Anything by Kraftwerk
    The singles album by Depesh mode
    Thomas Dolby
    The Ambiant collection by Art of noise
    The seeds of love by Tears for fears
    Soul mining by the the
    Night and day album by Joe Jackson
    8 by madhouse (The revolution with Prince, remember?) Or madhouse 8
    Around the world in a day by Prince
    Anything by hidden orchestra

  3. ok josh, you asked for it.

    Osamu Kiajima:


    please listen to the song Yesterday and Karma–the vocal gymnastics of Minnie Riperton (mother of SNL's Maya Rudolph) will have you mourning the fact that she passed away from leukemia years ago.

    Miles Gurtu the album by Robert Miles and percussionist Trilok Gurtu who has done a lot with Joe Zawinul and Weather Report:


    you will have some fun.


  4. Jennifer Warnes: Famous Blue Raincoat 20th Anniversary Edition. This is a landmark achievement in perfect recordings. I've been listening to it for over 25 years, and I still listen to at least a couple tracks of it every day of my life. The 20th Anniversary Edition added the tracks "Night Comes On" and "If It Be Your Will", which are two of the best songs I've ever heard. On good speakers or headphones, these will bring tears to your eyes. The soundstage on almost all of the tracks is nothing short of breathtaking, along with the sound quality and imaging. Check this album out. It'll change your life. No joke. No hyperbole. It just will.

  5. what happened to music Mondays? did it die off?
    if you like Horikawa, you are just obligated to giving "The Books" a try.

    the books – the lemon of pink

    godspeed you! dark emperor – Luciferian towers
    Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Ears

  6. Err… You forgot Moldy Vinyl. Not Swasher's of incredible, but it also is not terrible.

    Also, you should try IQ's The Road of Bones Special Edition, as it's a fusion of Real and electronic instruments with an excellent sense of space and several layers of background details, such as a lingering electronic sound in the distance during the acoustic guitar part before the vocals kick in in Knucklehead. You know what? Everything from Subterranea henceforth is good, you should try it. All special edition, however, since some of the best songs are not in the main album.

    IQ's Knucklehead on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oc9SECQxK88

  7. I think you should check some of IQ's later albums such as "Frequency" and "The road of bones". They have excellent layerings, whilst being quite demanding of headphones. For example, "Knucklehead" requires *a metric ton* of transients and attack to be made justice (Because of the guitar play after Nicholl's sweet vocal at 2:34.) On the other hand, it requires excellent mids to render his voice, and yet good control and air to keep the acoustic guitar separated. Microdetail is also tested here with all the background elements such as the electronic sounds behind the guitar, coupled with the electronic violin on the back of the later parts of the song. Bass is pivotal because of the bass, and…
    Ok, here's the list.

    IQ- Subterranea
    IQ- Frequency
    IQ- The Road of Bones
    Boney M- Fantastic Boney M.
    Tiger Moth Tales- Cocoon
    Rocket Scientists- Earthbound
    Rocket Scientists- Brutal Architecture
    Rocket Scientists- Refuel
    Rocket Scientists- Traveler on the Supernatural Highways
    Santana- Santana
    The Tangent- Proxy
    Makaya McRaven- Universal Beings
    The Magnificent Tape Band- The Subtle Act of Distraction (Not the best mastering, but Rachel's vocals!)
    Lexsoul – Sunny Holiday in Lexico (A rather Catchy album)
    Rebecca Pidgeon- Bad Poetry
    Rebecca Pidgeon- The Raven
    Rebecca Pidgeon- Blue Dress On
    Rebecca Pidgeon- Perfect Stranger

    Mat Brooker- Ocean City Sounds
    Jethro Tull- Thick as a Brick

    … It's not the headphones that will eventually fetter me to debt- It's the music itself!

  8. Im so happy you made this video! It always bothers me that the music itself is often overlooked in audio reviews, so it's great that you're bringing attention to it. Im also so glad that you recommended this album. People often rave about those experimental type albums and I never really like those. They usually sound somewhat interesting but there is just no musical enjoyment to be found. This album however is both very interesting in its sound and recording but I absolutely love them as songs too!

    As for albums I recommed, I would take a look at any album by the band Snarky Puppy. They make great jazz music that is very well recorded too. The first track "Chonks" on their latest album "Immigrance" gives a wonderful impression of what they are all about.

  9. Digging this! I used to always use the "Eyes Open" from Fybe:One for testing headphones in the past. Hard to find that album online now for some reason, think he pulled everything off Spotify, but the single is still out there though!

  10. Great idea Josh!! And it'd be even better if you mix the music review with comments related to the gear you used to play the album… for example: "this albums sounds amazing on the HD800" or "this album sounds better using warmer tubey amp" blah blah.. just an example. d'you know what i mean?

  11. You missed the track "Moldy Vinyl". I found it very interesting and different from the rest. Definitely sounds more aggressive and intense with an almost EDM-ish precise rhythm to it. Really enjoyed it.

  12. Man great album! I Looking forward to more of this. would recommend checking out anything by Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto but start with Summvs, it's a little more minimal and darker but in a similar vain.

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