5 SHOCKING Moments From Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Trial | E! News

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  • Published On: 2022-04-26 08:41:45
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Johnny Depp takes the stand in his $50 million defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard. Watch the five most shocking revelations from the actor’s testimony.

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5 SHOCKING Moments From Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Trial | E! News

  1. Amber made up with Depp after he threatened to carve up her face and after he put a liquor bottle in her. Yeah right. Now I'll tell you the story about a little girl and the three bears. Then I'll tell you a story about a little boy who cried wolf.

  2. Ever heard it doesn’t understand today lying her team are shady the twist evidence her witness is shady she twisted evidence and Johnny Depp is going through it she she’s trying to play victim she’s making up all these accusations that aren’t true and people going to stand up for Joni

  3. Wheres more context for the first "shocking moment"? That seemed a little short dont ya think? Would like to hear the person defend themselves instead of seeing a horrible edit cutting that part out. Thanks.

  4. I find it quite “convenient” that EVERYONE has FORGOTTEN that Johnny Depp BEAT UP ex gf model KATE MOSS!!!! Selective memories, I see; sure, always blame the woman (in this case the beautiful & talented Amber Heard..😍)…

  5. And the same date that he left for Europe 22/5-2016 Amber was cuddling with James Franco in the elevator in ECB…. She was very quick to have intimate relations outside of her marriage!!!!
    And the 27/5 she said she had bruises but the last person she had in bed was James Franco!!! Not JD!!!!
    Just think about that for a minute!!!!

  6. I hope johnny gets his justice. Abuse is not ok from a male or female ever! I feel so bad for him 😞 amber is vile she knew exactly what she planned to do right from the start she wanted to ruin johnny and gain what she could from him, I hope she gets prison time. Disgusting excuse of a human being!! Justice for johnny ❤

  7. I just want to say, that the last clip is violent. We learn about that as teenagers from counsellors. They don’t have to be violent with people or living things for it to be violent. He’s slamming cupboards and kicking them aggressively while swearing and yelling. It is emotional abuse to do that in front of someone you “ love” and make them feel at fault for your bad mood. Having inner demons and abusing substances isn’t a good combination. Speaking as someone who lived with someone who was the same way that slammed cupboards and yelled and swore for no reason and just made us uncomfortable being that it was just me his toddler and 8 yr old son home. This scene was triggering for me and has tipped my scale. He can’t even feel appalled at anything he does and that speaks volumes to me.

  8. After all the evidence that’s been presented, all the witnesses who witnessed Amber Turd assaulting Johnny Depp, all the witnesses who saw Heard every single day and never saw a mark on her, yet the same witnesses recounted multiple injuries to Johnny Depp, I am now 100% on his side. I’ll be honest, when the story first broke I did think she was a victim. However, after watching this trial, I now realize how she lied to all of us repeatedly and how all she’s done is make it harder for real victims to be believed.

  9. Interesting how you started with that text, almost as much as the fact that she made all these recordings and only managed to catch herself abusing him. She is an abuser and a liar. Start investigating the ACLU and Elon, has to be some juicy bits there.

  10. I'm guessing she recorded a lot of things and the lawyers are just playing the videos and audio that pertain to the case. Perhaps with this kitchen video she was hoping to have more drama (but wouldn't actually have shown it to people) but now they have to play any evidence that they find to play on either side. So with things like this, does everything on your phone become possible evidence? Maybe someone can clarify.

  11. When my ex wife falsely accused me of DV my lawyer said "You'll probably win in court. But DV is a hot topic right. So there's a small chance you might not. I'd advise taking a plea offer to stay out of jail". I'm going to call him now and say "Guess what's a hot topic now"

    Everything i said has been proven about my case. I even have an admission from her recently, I left her about five years ago because of it. I need to finally be freed of this. I've always been a gentle giant. She was nuts as they come. Looks and acts just like Amber. However, unlike Johnny Depp I was never violent in any way. Depp was a bit violent throwing things etc. I'm not that way. Heard definitely instigated everything AND admitted she was physically abusive

  12. You should never hit a human, Amber. You don't like something – leave or fix the issue. Love tries to fix things, not break things. You break things then you glue things-you break things then you glue things.. who does that? You need help. A grown human is established as a character, a grown human can't be fixed by punches. When you marry someone you accept that human or you don't. Period. Why Johnny never did anything bad to his previous women or any friends? Why everyone loves him? Theres a reaason in this. I won't let innocent Johnny be hurt. Fully supporting him like the rest of the world.

  13. She is a buffalo heffer cow beast evil rolling around in the farms grasslands eating flamin hot cheetos drinking hell flavor Mountain planning her next schemes. how she isnt in jail and having charges against her is beyond logic

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