Ben Affleck Recalls Bennifer Frenzy in Halftime Trailer | E! News

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  • Published On: 2022-05-19 06:41:57
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In Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming Netflix documentary, Halftime, fiance Ben Affleck takes us back to the media circus surrounding them when they first dated. Watch!

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Ben Affleck Recalls Bennifer Frenzy in Halftime Trailer | E! News

  1. Anything for attention and to stay relevant. She's a overrated celebrity of all time and she knows her time in the limelight are running out for her. All her fans are going to see her kiss her career goodbye she will now live a normal lives with Ben like most celebrities couples do the ones who has been in the show biz long

  2. Omg. Can't wait for this documentary. You can already tell we gonna be in for a roller coaster. Shes happy and sad and emotional. What a ride this is gonna. 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Just like he said. She expected this. JLo was always use to the attention and scrutiny so she could handle it a bit better. Ben couldn't. And that's what tore them up and got him cold feet. Sad but I could imagine how much damage it was on both of them. Only to come full circle today.

  4. How is JLo not a billionaire yet???!!! All of the fragrances, projects, fashion, businesses, movies, and music. Unless her money is going to silence exes, I don't get it.

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