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  • Published On: 2022-01-07 15:30:30
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A price prediction for BTT Bittorrent and why it will disrupt the entertainment industry!

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  1. What happens to BTT old after the swap? I’ve been asking this question on Reddit, Stocktwits, Twitter, and YouTube. Any ideas? I commented on your last video. But you skipped my comment. You liked and commented on the video before and after mine on your previous video. I respect and value your views. What are your thoughts?

  2. Hey man I know you have said not to worry but what happens if Voyager or any other exchanges don't change to new btt? Does it just stay btt and just trade on a different price? I ask because the 30 day deadline is coming up soon. Thanks

  3. 👏 bravo amigo you couldn't have said that any better. Btt was my very first crypto i purchased my buddy was showing me all coins on the voyager app and i seen btt and asked him if he had some he sai no i was like what! So i jumped on the btt boat because i no what the platform is capable of.🤑😎😎

  4. Why don't music and movie companies already making deals to use btt legally.what's the big hold up? Isn't
    now a better time then ever to strike deals…seems to be all talk with no deals being made.

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