Bridgerton Star Simone Ashley SHUTS DOWN Live Interview | Daily Pop | E! News

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  • Published On: 2022-05-31 22:46:46
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“Bridgerton” star Simone Ashley attends the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix and refuses to do a live interview while on the track. Watch the awkward moment!

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Bridgerton Star Simone Ashley SHUTS DOWN Live Interview | Daily Pop | E! News

  1. I'm glad Simone Ashley declined because it was going to be a pointless interview. She wouldn't have said anything interesting if she did continue. I think more celebrities should decline these meaningless interviews because it's always generic and they don't say anything of value. People think that Simone was being rude but she was actually being kind by declining the interview.

  2. She was fine. Not rude just didn’t engage. And back in the day, there wasn’t paparazzi culture like today. She deserves to go out and not be “on” the whole time

  3. Pardon me Sir? This is NOT how you address a Viscountess! You send word to her attendant and ask formally for an interview and if she is not willing to give a spontaneous interview that nobody scheduled and she’s not being paid for – she does not have to do it! How dare you invade her space by holding a camera in her face! You completely forgot your place!

  4. She’s allowed to say no…we don’t have rights to our bodies and now we don’t have rights to when we will or won’t speak . That turd was being pushy . He said I’m not going to push but it’s already started so a little interview wouldn’t hurt

  5. I disagree she is allowed to have her boundaries and not be BULLIED into an interview. Probably she did several interviews prior to this guy and was told you have a break and then now harassed by that reporter. Why are we not up in arms with the other Male actors? They declined interviews too. She is new to the business and we need to give her grace and a chance. He was harassing her and it was very unprofessional! Would he of acted that way to any other male actors?

  6. Simone doesn't owe anyone and she is allowed to set her boundaries. She wasn't even rude or bashing the reporter!!
    Reporters needs to chill and stop pushing celebs.She is at an event not even related to Brigerton or any movies she was starred im,so give her the Goddamn space.

  7. So, she should stay at home if she wants to remain at peace?. Maybe people should respect boundaries, she is a human being. Maybe if people were not so vain, and thirsty and nosey this wouldn't even be a topic of conversation.

  8. I don’t understand how you can have takes like this but then in another breath advocate for celebrities having boundaries. Literally makes no sense. This is not an official press junket or anything. The reporter just came up randomly.

  9. The idea that celebrities, especially actors, owe us anything apart from work and by work I mean churning out good acting through movies or series is ABSURD!!!!!! Then saying "whatever" at the end cos you didnt get the response you wanted while invading a person's privacy, beyond childish for a man his age. And then we call this journalism.

  10. Simone Ashley is never rude . She was just unprepared and anxious. Also disappointed how they start mocking her role. Y’all shame on you guys for tearing down a newcomer she perhaps was unprepared and oblivious.

  11. Why be on the grid it is a show for the F1 fans, if she wants her privacy stay private and don`t walk on the grid, many other stars understand it and know they will be interviewed on the grid.

  12. Do not be mistaken ,she IS a star. Watch the Bridgerton2 series..
    1. This guy walked up from behind, how did she know who he was?
    2. Why did he not ask for an interview before the camera was on her?
    3. The man with the microphone was rude and apparently takes himself too seriously.
    4. Stay home? Are you kidding?
    5. I thought the laws were changed in Britain to prevent this type of harressment or does
    that apply only to the royals?
    6,She does not look bad the approach of the man behind her could have been an
    unstable person.
    Get a life, Get a grip, Get a hobby, Say a prayer and stop trying to hurt people.

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