Eurovision 2022 – My Awards (35 Categories)

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It was time that I did a video of my awards of Eurovision Song Contest 2022!

Share your awards in the comments xx

The awards:
Best female voice
Best male voice
Best group
Best duo
Best ballad
Best party song
Best rock song
Best ”joke” entry
Best ethnic song
Best non-english
Best English
Best multilingual
Best balkan
Best baltic
Best mediterranean
Best nordic
Best scandinavian
Best slavic
Best in semi-final 1
Best in semi-final 2
Best non-qualifier
Best of big 5
Best lyrics
Best music video
Best instrumental
Best staging
Best choreography
Best live vocals
Best dressed
Best improvement
Most underrated
Best eliminated song
My favorite entry
Most nominations
Most awards

  1. Best female voice: Rosa Lynn
    Best male voice: Marius Bear
    Best group: Zdob si Zdub
    Best duo: Subwoolfer
    Best ballad: Boys do cry-Marius Bear
    Best party song: Moldova
    Best rock song: Denmark
    Best joke entry: Georgia
    Best ethnic: Moldova
    Best Non-English: Moldova
    Best English: Georgia/Switzerland
    Best multilingual: Spain
    Best balkan: Moldova
    BEst Baltic: lithuania
    Best Mediterranean: Spain
    Best scandinavian: Sweden
    Best nordic: Sweden
    Best slavic: poland
    Best in SF 1: Moldova
    Best in SF 2: Georgia
    Best non Qualifier: Denmark
    Best of big 5: UK
    Best lyrics: Switzerland
    Best music video: Georgia/Switzerland
    Best instrumental: Moldova
    Best staging: Armenia
    Best Choreography: Spain
    Best live vocals: Switzerland(SF was best)
    Best dressed: Ukraine
    Best improvement since last year: UK
    Most underrated: Georgia/Denmark
    Best eliminated song: IDK TBH
    My Favourite: Moldova/Georgia

  2. Best female voice: Andrea
    Best male voice: Ochman
    Best group: The Rasmus
    Best Duo: Subwoolfer
    Best Ballad: Die Together
    Best party song: Give that wolf a banana
    Best rock song: Jezebel
    Best joke entry: Eat Your Salad
    Best ethnic song: Trenuletul
    Best non english: Disko
    Best english: Jezebel
    Best multilingual: Stripper
    Best Balkan: Albania
    Best Baltic: Latvia
    Best Mediterranean: Greece
    Best Nordic: Finland
    Best Scandinavian: If finland is excluded, Norway
    Best Slavic: Czech Republic
    Best Semi 1: Latvia
    Best Semi 2: Finland
    Best NQ: San Marino
    Best Big 5: UK
    Best Lyrics: Norway of course haha
    Best Music Video: Norway
    Best instrumental: Finland
    Best Staging: San Marino
    Best choreography: Spain
    Best Live Vocals: Ochman
    Best dressed: San Marino
    Best improvement since last year: Latvia (in my ranking from 34 to 4)
    most underrated: San Marino, Latvia, Belgium, Slovenia. All of them.
    Best eliminated song: Finland – Hurricane by cyan kicks
    My favourite entry: Finland
    most nominations. no idea xD
    most awards: Finland

  3. -Best female voice: Portugal 🇵🇹
    -Best male voice: Poland 🇵🇱
    -Best group: Ukraine 🇺🇦
    -Best duo: Italy 🇮🇹
    -Best ballad: Italy 🇮🇹
    -Best party song: Moldova 🇲🇩
    -Best rock song: San Marino 🇸🇲
    -Best joke entry: Norway 🇳🇴
    -Best ethnic song: Ukraine 🇺🇦
    -Best non-english: Italy 🇮🇹
    -Best English: Poland 🇵🇱
    -Best multilingual: Portugal 🇵🇹
    -Best balkan: Serbia 🇷🇸
    -Best baltic: Estonia 🇪🇪
    -Best Mediterranean: Italy 🇮🇹
    -Best nordic: Sweden 🇸🇪
    -Best Scandinavian: Sweden 🇸🇪
    -Best slavic: Ukraine 🇺🇦
    -Best in semi-final 1: Ukraine 🇺🇦
    -Best in semi-final 2: Poland 🇵🇱
    -Best non qualifier: Albania 🇦🇱
    -Best big 5: Italy 🇮🇹
    -Best lyrics: Italy 🇮🇹
    -Best music video: Ukraine 🇺🇦
    -Best instrumental: Ukraine 🇺🇦
    -Best staging: Ukraine 🇺🇦
    -Best choreography: Spain 🇪🇸
    -Best live vocals: Poland 🇵🇱
    -Best dressed: Ukraine 🇺🇦
    -Best improvement since last year: UK 🇬🇧
    -Most underrated: France 🇫🇷
    -Best eliminated song: Terra, Tanxugueiras 🇪🇸
    -My favourite entry: Italy 🇮🇹
    -Most nominated: Ukraine 🇺🇦
    -Most awarded: Ukraine 🇺🇦

  4. Best Female Voice: Cornelia Jakobs 🇸🇪
    Best Male Voice: Ochman 🇵🇱
    Best Group: Kalush Orchiestra 🇺🇦
    Best Duo: Keith & Jim (Subwoolfer) 🇳🇴
    Best Ballad: River 🇵🇱
    Best Party-Song: Lights Off 🇨🇿
    Best Rock Song: Jezebel 🇫🇮
    Best "Joke" Entry: Give That Wolf a Banana 🇳🇴
    Best Ethnic Song: Stefania 🇺🇦
    Best non-English: Stefania 🇺🇦
    Best English: River 🇵🇱
    Best Multilingual: Ela 🇨🇾
    Best Balkan: Llamane 🇷🇴
    Best Baltic: Hope 🇪🇪
    Best Mediterranean: Ela 🇨🇾
    Best Nordic: Give That Wolf a Banana 🇳🇴
    Best Scandinavian: Give That Wolf a Banana 🇳🇴

    (Btw I thought Nordic and Scandinavian were the same thing)

    Best Slavic: River 🇵🇱
    Best in Semi Final 1: Give That Wolf a Banana 🇳🇴
    Best in Semi Final 2: River 🇵🇱
    Best Non-Qualifier: That's Rich 🇮🇪 and Disko 🇸🇮
    Best of Big Five: Fulenn 🇫🇷
    Best Lyrics: Eat Your Salad 🇱🇻
    Best Instrumental: Llamane 🇷🇴
    Best Staging: Fulenn 🇫🇷
    Best Choreography: Llamane 🇷🇴
    Best Live Vocals: Ochman 🇵🇱
    Best Dressed: Sheldon Riley 🇦🇺
    Best Improvment: Poland 🇵🇱
    Most Underrated: Hope 🇪🇪, Disko 🇸🇮, That's Rich 🇮🇪, Fulenn 🇫🇷, River 🇵🇱 And in general I could list indefinitely
    My favourite entry: —
    Most nominations:
    🇵🇱 Ochman- River (8 Nominations)

  5. Best Female Voice: Greece
    Best Male Voice: UK (I'd say Ochmann has the best tone and vocal control, whereas on just voice Sam takes it)
    Best group: Czech Republic
    Best duo: Norway
    Best ballad: Sweden
    Best party song: Based on studio version Austria, based on live Czechs, I'll go for Czech Republic
    Best rock: Finland
    Best joke: Norway
    Best ethnic: Cyprus
    Best non-english: Italy
    Best English: UK
    Best multi: Cyprus
    Best Balkan: Romania
    Best Baltic: Estonia
    Best Meditteranean: Greece
    Best Scandinavian (Nordic is the same thing imo): Sweden
    Best Slavic: Czech Republic
    Best Semi 1: Norway
    Best Semi 2: Czech Republic (based on that semi only)
    Best non-quali: Cyprus
    Best big 5: UK
    Best lyrics: Germany (wild shout ik but still)
    Best music video: Czech Republic
    Best instrumental: Czech Republic
    Best staging: Armenia
    Best choreo: Spain
    Best live vocals: Poland
    Best dressed: Greece
    Best improvement: UK
    Most underrated: Czech Republic
    Best eliminated: dk
    My fav: UK
    Most nominations: can't be asked to figure out lol, probably someone like UK, Czech Republic, Cyprus or Sweden
    Most awards: Czech Republic (7)

  6. Best female voice: Amanda Tennfjord
    Best male voice: Ochman
    Best group: Kalush Orchestra
    Best duo: Mahmood & Blanco
    Best ballad: Italy (or from those 3: Greece)
    Best party song: Czech Republic
    Best rock song: Finland
    Best "joke" entry: Latvia
    Best ethnic: Ukraine
    Best non-english: Italy
    Best english: Estonia/Poland
    Best multilingual: Spain (from those 3 Portugal)
    Best balkan: Romania
    Best baltic: Estonia
    Best mediteranean: Italy
    Best nordic: Sweden
    Best scandinavian (ins't it same as Nordics?): Sweden
    Best slavic: Poland
    Best in semi-final 1: Greece
    Best in semi-final 2: Estonia
    Best non-qualifier: Ireland/Cyprus
    Best of big 5: Italy
    Best lyrics: Italy
    Best music video: Greece
    Best instrumental: Urkaine
    Best staging: Armenia
    Best choreography: Spain
    Best live vocals: Poland
    Best dressed: Australia
    Best improvement since last year: United Kingdom
    Most underrated: Montenegro
    Best eliminated song: Death of us-Elsie bay (but In I dimman-Medina and Tanxguieras-Terra are options as well)
    My favorite entry: Italy

  7. What do you have against Spain?? Do you really think Romania had better choreography than Spain?? Do you really think Spanish stage wasn’t one of the best (for me the best)? Do you really think Cyprus Song was the best Mediterranean Song?? 🤣🤣🤣 you are joking

  8. Best female voice: Amanda Tenfjord
    Best male voice: Sam Rider
    Best group: We are domi
    Best duo: Subwolfer
    Best ballad: Hold me closer
    Best party song: Llamame out of your three Helo
    Best rock song: Jezebel
    Best joke entry: Norway
    Best ethnic song: Trenuletul out of your three Stefania
    Best non english: Stefania
    Best english: Hope out of your three Space man
    Best multilingual: Llamame
    Best balkan: Romania
    Best baltic: Estonia
    Best Mediteranean: France out of your three Spain
    Best Nordic: Sweden
    Best Scandinavian: Sweden
    Best Slavic: Ukraine
    Best semi-final 1: Greece out of your three Ukraine
    Best semi-final 2: Romania
    Best non-qualifier: Slovenia out of your three Ireland
    Best of big-5: France out of your three Uk
    Best Lyrics: Hope out of your three Hold me closer
    Best music video: Snap out of your three Die together
    Best instrumentul: Llamame
    Best staging: Ukraine
    Best choreography: Romania
    Best live vocals: Sam Ryder out of your three Ochmann
    Best dressed: Andromache out of your three Spain
    Best improvment: UK
    Most underrated: Slovenia out of your three Montenegro
    Best eliminated song: Can't tell
    My favourite entry: Romania
    Most nominations: Can't tell
    Most awards: Romania

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