Kim Kardashian Is Legally SINGLE | E! News

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  • Published On: 2022-03-03 02:10:59
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The “KUWTK” alum scores a legal win after a judge grants her request to restore her marital status to single amid her divorce from Kanye West.

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Kim Kardashian Is Legally SINGLE | E! News

  1. He really thought that he was gonna keep her hostage for the rest of her life, I'm happy she has the emotional support she needs to get through this, but, I think she needs to have her security on board at all times, she must not assume he's harmless, it's pretty obvious of his obsession with her, and taking an "L" will do major damage to his overly inflated ego…..

  2. I think they're a great couple, the difference between them compliments each other.- I hope they can reunite and fix the problems in their relationship. As adults we are always figuring out life and sometimes need space.

  3. Somehow many believe it is Kim and the " Family" that are control freaks. In this case, I would bet that Mr. Kanye West is the one in Constant need of control. Good for Kim, remember women, when a man you plan to spend a life with , tells you that there can never be the color pink in your closet, no matter how cute, talented and rich he may be ; RUN , RUN, RUN….🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  4. Now Kim will have a better, happier, healthier intact family. She has to be so relieved to finally be rid of “you know who”! He actually thought he could get her back. We all knew she was never going back.

  5. Nobody wanted to look at Kanye positive delay of the divorce for the sake of the children. Divorce is not a good think especially where kids are involved. Kim is used to divorcing. It's like a game. Well I wish them well as they start there new journey. Kanye is a man and plenty of FISH IN THE SEA. HIS TALENTED AND GENEROUS

  6. I can imagine the heavy weight lifted off Kim’s shoulders must feel very liberating. I am so happy for her single status and hope that, going forward, she'll be able to live her life stress free with her children. As for Kanye, hopefully he'll continue to be a good father to his children without focusing on what Kim is doing and with who.

  7. I feel bad for him after watching his documentary. I still want kim to be free if that's what you want, but young Kanye was so different to bad he couldn't keep his feet on the ground

  8. He not done yet, he needed to learn respect and give a woman space. These celebrities we worship them but goes to show they all got their issues and human just like the ordinary joe.

  9. I hope Kim will concentrate on her children discipline because they might adapt Kanye's behavior I observed the behavior of North she has the tendency to get it as she grow up .as a behavior therapist north has the habit of getting attention and interrupting a conversation which Kanye used to do like when Taylor swift got her award which is very rude

  10. Kanye's maladaptive behavior caused by bipolar is very dangerous to his family especially to Kim balancing her family .career and study.kanye is obsessed with Kim .he got Julia fox to make Kim jealous but unfortunately Kim is not interested with his drama. Good for Kim .

  11. Congratulations Kim. Wish you could totally get rid of that creep. I see he’s trying to find another Kim IMPOSSIBLE. You are So Beautiful in Every Way Wishing You Much Happiness 💕❤️

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