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Kreator performed an updated version of their classic hit song “Phobia” to promote the release of their highly anticipated new album “Hate Über Alles” released on June 10th 2022 worldwide!

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  1. Just like the Six Feet Under performance, Oprah isn't into it at first but it don't take long before she's up pounding her fist and is loving it. And Yanni once again gives a flawless performance and conducts masterfully, he's learned a lot from his time with Slayer. 🤘

  2. Какая-то хуйня происходит со старыми рокерами. То Слееры, то теперь Креатор в туже степь. Нахера им эти все аварды? Они и так собирают стадионы…

  3. Reportedly after this perfomance Oprah said "I play the hell out of this song at home and in the car. I can not believe how good they sound live…sounds just like the studio version" Tom Cruise concurred, saying "I listen to this song when my bf fucks me in the ass…I wish he was in my ass right now as I hear it live" To which Oprah replied "I'm not fucking you in front of all these people…"

  4. アメリカが狂い出した証拠です。

  5. Muito bem bolado, muito bem feito! Ficou demais!!!
    Mas tenho uma leve suspeita de que tem uma galera aqui nos comentários que parece não ter sacado a brincadeira, e pensam que o Kreator realmente tocou no Grammy para essa empolgada plateia aí…
    Pela dancinha da plateia, acredito que estavam assistindo àquele cantor coreano Psy, com aquela música Gangnam Style.
    Congratulations! Really a good job! Awesome!!! Slayer, Kreator… I'm waiting for the next one!!! m/

  6. グラミー賞にKreatorが出演!?

    Kreator appears at the Grammy Awards! ?

    A core band that strumming radical sounds in a German band

    I can't help but be surprised at the live performance of the Grammy Awards in the United States.

    Is the world in a state where it cannot hide its anger against Russia's invasion of Ukraine!

    It is a content that you can clearly understand.

  7. Conheço o Kreator do primeiro disco o Slayer também curto os caras desde meus 14 anos to com 55 e sinceramente nunca pensei vê-los no Grammy os tempos mudaram… só falta o Destruction pra acaba

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