Mona Lisa Attack, 90 Day Fiance & Unexpected Headless BF

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  • Published On: 2022-06-01 09:00:02
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An activist disguised as an old lady attacks the Mona Lisa with cake, 90 Day Fiance’s Guillermo meets Kara’s rapper ex-boyfriend and TLC’s Unexpected gets crazy.

  1. straight (n bi) men stay copying gay men fashions, we have pioneered every looks str8 men copied and its been observed since the 70s, the hippie look gay men started, then they went tappered and short and more severe military aesthetic, straight men copied, leather motorcycle gang aesthetic from gay men, 80s too, long hair flowy clothes and frosted tips, gay men. Skin tight clothes, short hair and tanning and grooming, gay men again. this short been worn and brought back by gay men for years and once again straight men and their delay copy it and use it to make it a straight thing, cor-nyyy. Straight men copy gay men so much they had to invent a new adjective for it metrosxual, which is somehow supposed to be a compliment but everytime you hear people mean it as an insult cus theres nothing worse than gay men in their eyes i guess. Im not saying all gay men dress like that or are following trends but these are gay men that revived or pioneered male fashion. I guess the next trend will be more skater or houzer(sp?) look. Its redundant repetitive and takesaway the merit of being a trend setter.

  2. Is anyone else getting Don't Look Up vibes from this whole Mona Lisa interaction? Granted that the publicity stunt was a lot but I find it scarier how quickly the show diverted the conversation from climate change, which is real, to focus hitting a punchline around this stunt.

  3. I feel bad for that guy from 90 Day fiance. He seems genuinely nice. She seems like she's purposely trying to make him jealous. And intentionally breed trust issues. When you truly value someone who don't try and being out jealousy, animosity and strife. I hope that she realizes these things.

  4. I agree with Nina she doesn't respect him Guillermo is far more mature than Kara . It's about having enough humility, and love for the other, to self respect ,and identify what you could do to be a better person, and treat the other as you would want to be treated. Some things are just selfish habits those are the kinds of things that should be reassessed. It's no longer just you when you bring another person into your life with a commitment. Time to grow up Kara. Guillermo is a catch, and if you don't show him the respect he deserves you're gonna lose him.

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