Navigating The Music Industry as a Christian (Part 1)

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Navigating the music industry as a Christian, beginning with my journey….

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  1. AWESOME AWESOME channel Mark! l think that somethings happening with it though because it seems you disappeared for a bit, and l remembered you and re found your channel. GLAD l did! Your videos are SO well done! Thank You and Happy Easter! 😀 Vancouver Chinada.

  2. I've heard compelling examples of Christian and secular music being slowed down and each layer of sound amplified to reveal hidden words which no one would otherwise be aware of (going forward, not backwards). It was theorized that the companies who remaster each song may be manipulating the music with an artificial intelligence system, inserting its messages in the chords and beats. All messages are negative. It could be that entities are working through the AI and that this is just one of many methods use to plant negativity into the subconscious of the listener. Either way, even well intentioned artists can have their product manipulated unknowingly.

    As for listening to the lyrics of music, I know that some knowledge may be over my head, and therefore, I may be ignorant of dual meanings of the author has put forth. I cannot lean on my own understanding every time. I cannot always trust that even people who say they are a Christian musician are who they say they are.

    I would rather listen to something which has not gone through the industry. As a born again (1 year 7 months) I have felt an aversion to the music I used to crave. When I do listen to those which still draw me in, I feel emotionally drained for days after.

  3. I am SO happy to find this new series! 🙂
    Your videos are always so good, Mark Fairley. You are truly "talented hands" for God. I share your videos with everyone I can. You don't get nearly as many views as you should — no thanks to YT (who pretend they're "okay" with Christians.)
    Here is a link to another series on the dangers of music. As far as I can tell, the mainstream musicians have ALL sold out to become famous. It's just "part of the package," if you know what I mean. Many of them despise God.

    Your "Pain" series is so dang good! Thank you.

  4. This idea about music played backwards having hidden messages is an 'Urban Myth''! Who plays music backwards?! No-one. Just stay away from the stuff that is bad enough played forward!

  5. Was being reminded of these truths for the last couple years. I don't think people realize how much power we give to the spell we chant over ourselves as we recite certain song lyrics.

  6. The biggest reason why people choose to listen secular music over Godly music, it is because it's sound more catchy…lyric is no.2.

    the question why is Godly christian can't produce music that more catchy than worldy music?
    Is Holy spirit annointing sucks and less creative compared to demons? c'mon…we need to do better!

  7. Just look at the symbolic language these artists use, even many so called Christian artists are in the same club, hidden in plain sight they worship Lucifer. All using the same Masonic poses. Symbolism is the language of the Mystery religion. You see a lot of modern Baal worship in music videos, the sensual type of Baal worship female artists worshipping Astarte,Ishtar, Inanna and their fans don’t have a clue that they become part of a satanic ritual.Nothing new under the sun don’t be deceived by these initiated witches and warlocks.

  8. Music in general is amoral…..and was never meant to be listened to backwards to begin with…..whoever started that back in the day had an agenda for sure…….to label ALL non-christian music as evil……what a joke! Be very careful or you will find yourself in legalism….if certain songs bother you because your faith is weak….turn it off.

  9. I can attest to this my beloved brother, I have a testimony about such a temptation where I was letting back in soft and melancholic type music, beginning with Radiohead, then the rest followed. Soon I was drinking again thinking I was just doing very little. It has also been a while since I've prayed or even read the Bible, my fleshly desires took over. The great thing that happened to me was hearing the gospel again and now restored to the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you brother

  10. If I was going to criticize an album, it might be Stone Roses' Second Coming. It is filled with evil and blasphemy. The hit song, Love Spreads, refers to Jesus as a she. Driving South is about selling your soul by calling a number with 666 in it. How Do You Sleep talks about a festival like Herod to John's severed head. Breaking Into Heaven is about forcing into heaven, which is inside the mind or spirit as opposed to the kingdom that God created to save the righteous.

  11. Hey. I'm looking forward to the next part of this subject. Unless I'm interpreting you incorrectly, you seem to think that all "heavy" music is bad. (Correct me if I'm wrong). I'll encourage you that 'heavy' or 'light' or 'pop' or 'jazz' or any kind of music is not inherently bad just because of the style. Soft rock can be bad too. What matters is the content of the lyrics, not musical composition. Take this heavy example from a christian psychedelic band. Great heavy music, great lyrics. All good IMO:

  12. When I was growing up we weren't allowed to listen to any secular music, when we were teens we would do it behind my parents back to rebel though. And because it was rebellion I never once thought about what the lyrics meant. Imagine my shock as an adult listening to some of Def Leppard's songs and finally understanding what they were singing about! I still listen to secular music but I read the lyrics now, I want to know what the song is about.

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