Steve Harvey on Daughter Lori's Split From Michael B. Jordan | E! News

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  • Published On: 2022-06-07 01:04:33
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Steve Harvey shares his thoughts about daughter Lori Harvey’s breakup with Michael B. Jordan after 1 year– and yes, he’s “team Lori, 1000%.”

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Steve Harvey on Daughter Lori’s Split From Michael B. Jordan | E! News

  1. I’m happy for Steve and his success but it’s a little difficult to accept advice from someone who didn’t give his other daughters this much cheerleading. His 3rd wife allegedly was under investigation while married to previous king pin husband for dealing.

  2. Steve Harvey knew his daughter was just living life when she dated puffy but also dated that man son that’s crazy. Longs they give her attention she gonna treat u like fan smh

  3. And this is who y’all take Relationship advice from..
    he tells everyone else what they should do in a relationship but your on don’t follow your Advice !!! 🤔
    she jumps from man to man and son to father trash 🗑
    just like her mom wherever the money resides there they shall be awesome😹😹💩
    This dude is a fake and a joke.. and the ppl on his Panel needs to stop D….k riding this 🤡

  4. I like the way you have stayed out of the middle of your childrens love affairs. It's best, that's what sensible parenting is about. Sometimes we have to teach our spouses and explain to them why that's a good idea in the long run! 👏🏼

  5. I lost respect for Steve Harvey and his wife now they wanna bash this man please your thot daughter out here dating father and son please that man was the best thing that happened to his daughter smh

  6. She didn’t want to get married she wanted to be free and live her life smh. She didn’t want to comment to him. Now I see why she kept going back to future. He gonna find someone else that would comment to him and want all the things he want

  7. Been married 3 times. Stepped away from his family for #3. He did need that drama. Look what #3 turned Steve into, working himself into a grave. Get out stay out. Kanye West learned, but the hard way. Then they throw you out like trash. I still get up in the morning, still pay bills, he will be fine, he's still young.

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