'The Alien' Wins Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance

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  • Published On: 2022-04-04 05:43:49
  • Video Published/Author: Dream Theater
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This is insane!!! Our song ‘The Alien’ just won Best Metal Performance at the Grammy Awards – to all the Dream Theater fans around the world, you guys rock, we love you – this award is for you!

  1. Mike Patton's side-side-side-side-side project Tomahawk being played by the Grammy band while John walks to the stage is more exciting than the entire Alien song.

  2. My dude walked up there with the hair flowing, decked out in the black suit, the immaculate tie, and knowing that he's really one of the most talented motherfuckers in that room.

  3. Not just a win for The Alien. Not just a win for A View on the Top of the World. A win for the whole legacy of DT, warts and all.

  4. Literally, every DT album is Grammy-worthly. The fact they haven't won previously just shows how totally ignorant those at the top of the industry are. Petrucci is one of the absolute pioneers of Rock, and everyone just sat there in silence… unbelievable. Guess it's not pop in 4/4 so it doesn't exist…

  5. Great win. The rest of the artists have NO CLUE what is meant by "17/8". Too busy sampling, autotuning and thugging out. Actual music has won one here.

  6. Boo. I'm not saying Dream Theatre isnt talented or relevant in music history. But in my opinion, they're kinda has-beens. Especially with some of the videos I've seen of their recent performances. Clearly Gojira and Mastodon pull from the progressive pool of style… but when I think of DT I don't think of metal. I think of just straight progress.
    I dont know… I think Gojira and Mastodon are killing it compared to DT. Mastodon especially. Each album they've released has been an unexpected but mind-blowing change. I think the last track I was into from DT was 'As I Am".. not the album, just the song.

  7. THE best band on the planet!! I’ve followed them since 93 seen them countless times in many countries.. May they long continue.. Love them.

  8. lets put some true metal! dream theater is legendary should they take it?ok find one of the singles of the last album 2022 best metal perfomance whatever doesnt matter!THE MOST BORING MAYBE SONG inside a very good album grammy sucks really on rock

  9. I worked for you guys back in the 90th when you played in Copenhagen and I’ve been a fan since, thanks for all the music you blessed us with and congratulation with the Grammy you deserve it ..

    Copenhagen support


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