The Kardashians Episode 2 Recap: Kim Sets BOUNDARIES for Kanye! | E! News

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  • Published On: 2022-04-22 02:02:58
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From Kourtney’s maybe baby plans with Travis Barker to Kim setting boundaries with ex Kanye West, here are the 3 moments we can’t stop talking about from episode 2 of Hulu’s The Kardashians!

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The Kardashians Episode 2 Recap: Kim Sets BOUNDARIES for Kanye! | E! News

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  2. OMG what on earth is Kim wearing she looks like she is stuck in a snow storm whilst hosting a s&m party Kourtney acts like she is 16 again not a mum of numerous children they don't need to see you snogging and sitting in the lap of a man who is not their daddy so stop pretending its ok. If you wanna make something together try baking a cake and make sure this relationships is not another mess that your children are going to have to forget another man you have brought into their lives .

  3. Kim leave kanye out your name. She should be talking about setting boundaries for pete. He's not with you. Kanye better not show up on that show, after every thing kim did. Let her put pete on her show. Stay with cheney on a trip

  4. Lets have some boundaries for E! ? Lets start with, a article i see on Edge homepage is from E! saying "The Kardashian Family's WILD sea adventure!" when they were only at the beach playing on seadoos in where-ever they went. Stop doing that, E! ? They were at the beach, say 'they were at the beach'? Do the kardashians own stock in this company, or is it a better fit that they don't tell anyone they are buying publicity through E! ? Is it excused by the elders in society as 'Apropriate-enough for the nursey rhymes that new-blood needs." Because, my answer is 'NO! Do better.' – "We're capitalists, we're proud of ourselves. Things work out fine in our system." You were not saying that when you were disappointed? Don't encourage this crap. Just stay quiet.

    Just a few important points of interest to consider, if you're into that sort of thing.

  5. Yes. Love is finally in the stars for Kourtney. This is going to be better than the dating game, Love connection…, the Bachelorette. Well it's just gonna be another
    Day with the KARDASHIANS.

  6. That was kind of a dig at Scott when she said that her kids had not seen a couple being affectionate with each other "their whole lives". It gives you a bit of insight into how she viewed her relationship with Scott. And maybe 100% warranted, but still, must be hurtful for him to hear something like that, especially in reference to the kids that they made together, presumably in a moment of "affection".

  7. I’ve been thinking who may have leaked the s3x tape, and I remember Kanye said in an interview that he bought the tape so might someone in his crew be trying to damage his X Kim. Super sus

  8. I feel so sorry for Kanye flew commercial next to the toilet just to see your wife make out with a next man, thats heartless Kim.😒

  9. Kim saying kanye went to the extent of sitting in coach and close to the bathroom just to be there for her shows why she married him in the first place. Think it had to do with his obsession for her

  10. And also there's no Gymatic and also I saw that I saw this on Facebook that one of the Kardashians loss statements and they start crying like a dummy

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