This Ontario community is a Punjabi music powerhouse

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  • Published On: 2022-04-12 02:14:54
  • Video Published/Author: CBC News
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Sidhu Moose Wala, Deep Jandu and Fateh DOE are some of the many Brampton, Ont., artists who have taken the Punjabi music industry by storm over the last decade. Here’s how the city became such a powerhouse in the genre.

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  1. Proud to be a 3rd gen Canadian Indian Punjabi.🥰 I live in Ontario too. I know some of the people in this video. In fact, I've met Raj Ghuman and Harjot Ghuman. Great video.👍

  2. The only true part of this video is about Deep Jandu. Everything else about Fateh (who is from Cali) and the other lady named Raj who we never heard of did not help raise Brampton. Was all started from other young talents

  3. Deep Jandu was not the one who spearheaded punjabi music, he was a factor but one of the main people you forgot to mention who was living and from brampton was SONI PABLA.

  4. This is great and with no disrespect but some of the music has a reggaeton rhythm and flavor, which shows that regardless of our ethnic language and culture our hearts beats the same rhythm even if we can't speak the language, that's because once we hear the beat our feet gets the rhythm, and because we all share one and the same culture, human.

  5. I love how Ontario is so diverse with it's beautiful cultures, the same goes for BC. I'm originally from BC so it's wonderful to see:-). Fateh DOE my fav

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